20 Photos that show that hard work always pays off

Everyone has their happiness and the way to it. But it is always great to see the fruits of your work and know that all your efforts were not in vain. And the personal successes, both large and small, must be shared, because what if your story can inspire someone?

Great.guru has collected 20 stories from people who shared about their personal achievements and hope that you don’t stop and keep fighting for your dreams.

1. “I applied to 11 universities in 5 different states, I was a candidate for 2 scholarships and I got accepted on all sides!”

2. “2 years of savings, 6 months of work in 2 jobs 15 hours a day, and finally I managed to enter a school of languages located on the other side of the world”

3. “Maybe to some not seem like an achievement but, after 5 years of hard work, my team won a tournament of softball”

4. “6 months of work and the perfect suit of Iron Man without using the printer is ready”

5. This enormous fish is the reward for my patience

6. It is not embarrassing to not get an education if you are a hard-working person

“The daughter of the owner of my house has the same age as me. She went to school, to college, then to university. Recently married with a rich man and refuse to work, believing that their parents should maintain throughout life. The owner of my house call me ignorant, but my paycheck helps that my parents live in a nice house, to buy good food; and the money that I earn with the extra hours going to the education of my younger sisters. The work that I do is my strength, and, if that is the case, I’m happy to be ignorant”.

7. “The first watch that I bought”

“I’m a student of fourth year of college, and the only clock he had was a simple watch Fossil given to me by my girlfriend for my birthday. I used that watch everyday for 3 years until it fell and broke. That was almost 2 years ago. Since then, I could not afford to buy a new watch. Finally, I set this goal: throughout the summer I worked and made the purchase as expected. I’m really happy with my watch and I do not regret the effort it cost me to buy it.”

8. “I worked from the age of 16 years in 2 jobs and finally saved for this beauty”

9. “Throughout my life I have not spent a penny on myself, but worth the time”

“20 years ago I moved in with 3 small children for Daca: I am a teacher of mathematics. My day started at 7 a.m. and ended at 11 in the night. Not used public transport and walked nearly 8 miles a day, almost did not eat and saved all the money for the education of my children. Now my daughter is a doctor, my older son is a mechanical engineer and my youngest son is studying at the University of Dhaka. And 4 years ago with the money he had saved opened a pharmacy and I stopped teaching. All my dreams became a reality only thanks to my determination and hard work”.

10. “Months of hard work and here is my first harvest”

11. “In the end, the hard work in the garden began to pay off”

12. “My house is now full of aromas of flowers amazing that I raised by myself”

13. “6 months of struggle for a beautiful skin”

14. “The French croissants that took me 3 days of preparation, but I’m happy with my work. Half a dozen of them was for my parents, the other half to my neighbor of the third age”

15. “I am in high school and now. The result is obvious”

16. Thanks to the continuous training, this blonde fragile managed to tame this “animal metallic”

17. “I grew up in a very poor family and I am proud that my children have all of this”

18. “My practice is paying off, I’m ever closer to the realism”

19. “My first dog. I have always loved dogs, but my mom is allergic. I started to live alone, and my girlfriend and I were able to adopt this small of a hostel”

20. “All my socks have a pair! It’s a huge success!”

What achievements are you proud of yourself? It tell us in the comments!

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