20 Photos that show that Google has an excellent sense of humor

Google processes around 70 thousand searches per second. At times, his answers have nothing to do with what we seek, and sometimes we do forget what it was that we were doing initially. Here are 20 examples that prove that the search page has a great sense of humor that borders on the genius.

Great.guru collected 20 examples of responses funny Google all kinds of questions from users.

1. “Biker babes horny”

2. “Rock pool”

3. “The best cooler of all times”

4. “Swan”

5. “A boy muscled”

6. “When it falls off the Wifi”

7. “Vacuum cleaner USB”

8. “The kitten more tender of the world”

9. “Where does the money in the world?”

10. “The worst idea of all time”

11. “A great nonsense”

12. “The photo the more important of the Internet”

13. “The cube of Rubick more complex”

14. “When your wife is angry”

15. “I never do this for free”

“I will discuss with who whatever. Free!”.

16. “I made a serious mistake”

“Don’t buy Kia.”

17. “The costumes simple Halloween”

18. “Keyboard chinese”

19. “Témeme”

20. “How do you know if your pet started a religious cult?”

Bonus: “canadian typical in February”

What answers fun you’ve been given the seeker to you?

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