20 Photos that will break your meter of tenderness

There are photos that melt your heart and all the problems in the office just to see them. Our collection is composed entirely of photographs as well. But we must warn you: it is better that people are too sentimental to refrain from them, because they may not want to return to working life after.

Great.guru found photos that will make you want to walk leisurely through the park with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

1. “I’m a photographer school. Today I did the shots for the yearbook. I also photographed the dog officer”

2. Who is ready for a kayak trip? What a lift the legs!

3. The reaction of a grandfather to meet his granddaughter

4. “A few months ago we rescued this guy. Your smile speaks for itself”

5. “My wife and my son in the costume of Mulan and the dragon Mushu”

6. What shampoo you use this little charmer?

7. A huge predator resting

8. “My daughter has a hair amazing. I like when it allows me to brush him. This is one of the best moments of motherhood”

9. When you’re waiting for your owner with food

10. “When I was a kid, I wanted to be a rapper brutal. But everything changes in life”

11. I just look at Appa, the flying bison! This is how you have to give away the stuffed animals

12. Give me your hand

13. A good guy and his family

14. New payment method

15. “My daughter tells a joke to my son that, apparently, uncomfortable a little bit,”

16. The passion for music can wake you up suddenly

17. “An approaching hurricane, so today we’ll have dinner together at home”

18. Advantages of being a veterinarian

19. A small friendly

20. The ghost will be the most beautiful in the world

What we have managed to get a smile?

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