20+ Photos that have more plot than the novels of Agatha Christie

Sometimes, a photo can have more mysteries that a whole detective novel. And its characters have even more personality, especially if they are grandmothers, who care for the park, or your neighbor, Robin Hood, never found a use for their arrows.

Great.guru found more than 20 mini-stories are not invented based on actual events.

At this wedding, everything is perfect: both the rugs as well as contests

Are you looking for the keys… And still not find them

When your dog liked your new Porsche

The meeting of the bridge with the boat, obviously, did not happen as planned

This is how you removed the friends before social networks

Intelligence test for the fittest

“There is No input, only output”.

When cosechaste all the potatoes and you can’t stop

“I love dig”.

The guardian of the park

When you got out of the sea just in time

The comfort, the security guard ensures the safety

When your neighbor decided to be Robin Hood

The storm was 2 days ago and the stone appeared yesterday

When aprovechaste all that you had to create this

“Yesterday, my friend went to sleep and found traces of strange in his blanket”

This man is having lunch in the trunk of his own car

Cat chosen. I wonder what will be their mission

When did you decide that your boat is no longer served

Somewhere in a parallel universe, this man appeared at the party in the wrong

“For the first time, my wife left me alone with the children, and after his endless questions about how we were, I sent her this picture”

When the traffic on the roads is unbearable and you have to think about solutions fresh

“This raccoon saw the figurines of the representatives of their species behind our window”

What photos of your life became true legends?

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