20 Photo tender in which the children had lost the battle against sleep

Children can sleep on any side and in any position, as they see the world from another point of view, without fear of opinions of others or judge them.

Great.guru has collected 20 photos of children who slept in the least expected places. Do your children happened to you?

Sweet dreams to the top of a briefcase

I decided to sleep a little while mom I chose shoes

The sleds are a fun exhausting

Sleep, head. Sleep, ears. And you, legs, you continue to wake up

She fell asleep after an accident with his bike

A sweet dream after eating

He could not take the shopping and lay down on top of the sack of croquettes for dogs

The rules were invented to break them

After a good work out in the garden

Yes, now to sleep

A bed is too easy for me

Sleep at night is for the weak. It sleeps all day!

How much is missing to get to the house? I think I’d better sleep here…

When you play daily and don’t have time to rest

I like to sleep, even when I sleep I dream that I’m asleep

I’m going to sleep for a short time while my parents look for second tennis

The tennis dad, dan sleep

The dances are not my thing

The dilemma most important of the morning: do you eat breakfast or sleep 10 other minutitos?

The children really feel comfortable as well

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