20 old Photos of the famous that you will not see in the fashion magazines

It is very interesting to look at the old photos, because each one of them is a part of the story. With the photos of the celebrities is exactly the same, but in his case, another great advantage is the fact that the well-known people are shown to us from the side completely new. For example, Stephen King played in a rock band, and it turns out that Ozzy Osbourne loves the kittens.

Great.guru has found photos rare famous people, and simply could not stop sharing them.

1. Marilyn Monroe without makeup

2. A photo of the wedding of Barack and Michelle Obama

3. Victoria Beckham small

4. Hugh Jackman with a friend at an airport, 1986

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger on the day on which it received the citizenship of the united States of America

6. The young David Duchovny with his sister

7. Britney Spears with her girlfriends, at the time that the cuffed jeans were fashionable

8. Madonna was the black hair

9. Mick Jagger, the biker cool

10. Peter bad griesbach before becoming famous

11. The photo that explains why Jim Carrey didn’t become a writer

12. The great and terrible Ozzy Osbourne loves the kittens

13. Stephen King played rock, 1992

14. Avril Lavigne, Halloween, 2008

15. Kim Kardashian’s 17-year-old, with her friend

16. Marilyn Manson with his father

17. Dita Von Teese and her friend after a party. Yes, yes, this is your natural hair color

18. Jared Leto: “I don’t remember how old is this photo, but I remember that it is very old”

19. Is not Kurt Cobain. Is Sting in 1970

20. Prince Harry takes her to his father, prince Charles, in a sleigh

Would you like to see pictures as well of old? Would you like to see photos from the personal archives of the famous on that we haven’t written yet? Tell me about it in the comments.

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