20 Findings strange that made people emocionara more than a child with sweets

We found all kinds of things in our daily life. Some of them we have fun, while others leave us wondering how the hell they got here. Believe it or not, there are many amazing articles in unexpected places that are waiting to be discovered.

In Great.guru we made a selection of the strangest things that people found by accident, and we are even more surprised with the places where found.

1. Someone forgot his gun in Discovery Park, Seattle

2. This doll was found in Coney Island

3. “This wafer Kit Kat is horizontally. What I received one that is special?”

4. This is a find truly creepy. Even was found with a note that said: “save yourself!”

5. A giant game of Monopoly found under an old carpet

6. In case you are wondering how it is possible that your lenses are lost all the time…

7. A screwdriver inside of another screwdriver!

8. Imagine the look of this mother, when she saw the lunch box of your child’s school

9. The guys from the pizzeria are forgetting them remove the grill below

10. Someone stumbled upon this strange sculpture in the middle of the forest

11. Billiard balls found inside of a bowling ball

12. A grape is small within a larger one!

13. The manufacturer of this holster was really smart: he filled its interior with boxes of toothpaste

14. A can in a can… Pretty funny, right?

15. Is this a new trend in culinary?

16. Someone found a carrot happy!

17. When this man saw a plant growing in the back seat of your car, don’t know if it was exciting or creepy

18. A live frog in a package of salad!

19. When you literally pay you to maintain personal hygiene:

Hey, @Neutrogena, I found this ticket of 20 USD on your facial soap. I thought it was a joke until I took it out with a knife. Thank you.

I just want to thank God for.

20. These chocolates are not as real as they seem…

What I did remember some discovery of your past? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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