20 Stories that confirm that the definition of “woman at the wheel” is a source of pride

There are drivers to dry and “women at the wheel”, and if the first, as a general rule, continue from point “A” to point “B” the second, each time you rise the car live some kind of adventure, whether it is a minor accident, an absurd situation, or an unexpected meeting. Probably, it was thanks to these obstacles so that formed the character of a true “lady’s car” known not only for his ability to attract minor problems, but also by his ingenuity that help to overcome them.

Great.guru has collected for you the most interesting stories of the life of the carriers that have generated many reactions on the Internet.

  • I was going by the ring road, at a speed of about 80 kilometers per hour. Suddenly I saw that in the car next to a woman at the wheel was eating a yogurt with a spoon. How the heck holds the wheel?
  • I drive many hours a day. When you advance to the car of the students of driving who are still traveling with their teacher, or see on the horizon, always seems to me that this points out to me, with the finger, telling his student: “oh, this is how you should never do!” I do feel an uncomfortable feeling.
  • Work in an installation of car wash. One day came a woman with a car typical female: the inside smelled good, were soft toys. I opened the trunk and there it was… a baseball bat! Scratches, tanning your way. I asked: “what For do you need a bat?” The response left me dumbfounded: “To fight against the vandals!” I still river. Note: Also I cleaned up the gun.
  • We were traveling in Egypt. We took a field trip on quads in the desert, a vehicle per person. There was a single tree and I crashed against him. Find a tree in the desert and crashing against him, how can that be?
  • I called my girlfriend, turn off the phone and I hear grumbling whining: crashed “a little bit” against the vehicle that was ahead of yours. Just receive the driving license and confused the pedals when out of the car park. I am calmed down, the conversation I understand that not almost obtained a luxury car, but a Clio red, but suddenly began to invadirme vague thoughts. I asked him to tell me the license plate of the car crash and immediately understood everything. Calmed down my girlfriend and told her to wait for the owner of the car damaged, meanwhile, marked the telephone number of my mother. After a couple of words, she came out in that moment of the shop saying: “Son, I will call you later, crazy crashed into my car and I have to call the police.” Stifling the laughter, I could barely convince her not to hang up and not call anyone. There is no crazy, probably, his future daughter-in-law…
  • I am a young woman, I want to buy my first car. I got my driver license this summer, but I did not even imagine how to lead one. I want to get a man to sit next to me, creándome the illusion of safety. And then, perhaps, comes the love…

  • When they come visit my house, you ask surprised by what always smells so good. Think they clean it often. But for nothing, an air freshener for the car under the bed since it takes two months to improve the aura of my apartment, no air freshener home spray can compete with him. I take note, dear friends!
  • I asked for a loan for the car in December of 2016. I told my mom that I was going to return it all myself. With two jobs at the same time, it was guards (I’m medical), I also opened an online store. As a result, I lost weight, and yes, in January of 2018 saldé my debts. Now, my business is on wheels. I quit one of my jobs. Slender, I enrolled in a gym. I drive my precious car white.
  • My father made a proposal of marriage to my mother at the time more original, that marked his destination. The fact is that they went out for a while and he taught him to drive the car. But, apparently, something went wrong, and asked that “will You marry me?” in a moment they were inside the car, which was sinking slowly in the bottom of the river of our town… Fortunately, this was a little deep so that they swam to the surface without being injured. A month later, they were married. Mom, by the way, he learned to drive!
  • When I’m in front of a large caravan of cars, dodging the defects of the asphalt by the rear view mirror I contemplate with pleasure how the drivers that I continue to do my same path up and down over the bumps and holes.
  • Not very far from our house, there is a stretch of road, or poorly done, or damn, but that is where often the cars occurs a loss (mild). My family really likes to have fun in the following way: my father is at the side of the road, a man approaches you and asks you to help with the car. My father asks this to wait while he calls his good friend, mechanic, that can help. Wait a minute and a half and we approached my boyfriend and me. I am a young man 150 cm tall, with a dress and with heels, I metó under the hood, helping in everything we needed and giving tips, while my boyfriend and my father, the two strong, tall, 190 cm, will talk finely of poetry or painting. And all because the fruit of chance, I became a mechanic while my fellow men are art critics. The face of the unknown in these times is simply indescribable.
  • Today I came to the office in the car and, as always, I left it in the parking lot. When he finished my work day, I started talking with my teammates and without realizing I went with them to the bus stop. I got home, I walked up to the portal and I noticed that my car was not in any part. “It is already, someone has stolen”, I thought, and trying to combat the panic, I began to search for the phone in my purse to call my husband, and then to the police. While revolving around this chaos, I found the keys to the car and I remembered my morning. You see, the end result will be that all these jokes about women behind the wheel are not the fruit of chance…
  • I live in a small town, very small. A lady crashed into my car. He went down, he began to cackle saying that, right now, your husband’s attorney would come and whether we would see who took responsibility. It would seem a typical story, except that the city attorney is my husband and he was just behind. And while you stuff them all the papers, this lady, with a voice made low, asking me for forgiveness…
  • That winter morning, the ground was very slippery. It looked like a skating rink. I watched through the window how a woman could not go out with your car because of a small slope. With much effort returned to the park on its original site and was. After some time had passed, he returned with a large bag, in which there were containers with salt. For five minutes, was sprinkle, then went up to the car and ripped without problems. Each master has its booklet!
  • When I was little and I didn’t want to fall asleep, my dad took me in his arms and was whirling through the house, singing local music very popular, even vulgar. Strange as it may seem, I fell asleep when I heard the third or fourth stanza and continued to sleep like a groundhog until the next morning. I’m an adult since a long time ago, I bought my own car. One day I was going on him and, suddenly, the radio started to sound the same song. I woke up when almost, little, colisionaba against a post: I fell asleep with songs family as usual. I didn’t even know that it had been developed in me a reflex to this type of music, better than any sleeping pill.

  • I witnessed a wonderful scene: in the mud, on a road, he became trapped in a vehicle that is very old, with a skinny guy behind the wheel and something huge sitting in the passenger seat. The driver tried to start it in a thousand ways until, in the end, he went down the lady with the typical size of a lookout tower, with a powerful movement of shoulders, pushed the car that he jumped out of the puddle as if it were a cork in a bottle. Yes, still not extinct superheroes.
  • My boss siniestró recently a car newly bought. And, while her husband was on a business trip, she bought a new one the same for that he did not discover it.
  • In our city we find a coffee shop very popular is located on the first floor, and on the ground floor, a car wash. Shortly after that I got my driving license, I stopped to wash the car and, while waiting, I went up to the cafe, as usual, ask for my favorite cocktail (with alcohol). In addition, I met with my friends, we had a nice conversation. You should have seen their faces when, proudly, I boasted that I got there in my own car, drinking the last drops of my enormous pina colada. Well, I didn’t used to always be conductive. I had to take my husband to the sofa, less evil that we lived near.
  • I left my car in the workshop and for the first time in a long time I went in the morning on a bus and normal current. By the end I felt that summer had arrived: arms tanned, freckles on faces, sandals with bare feet, shorts, hats and skirts that stick out at the rear due to the intense heat. How very good it is sometimes to put aside the hectic pace of the car and simply sit with people in the public transportation, listening to the radio from the driver without worrying about traffic lights and maneuvers!
  • A retired canadian, without wanting to, he stole a car and was not aware of this for 2 weeks; perceived his error only when he found in the trunk a few golf clubs in the ashtray, the butts of someone. When you check the glove box, the woman found the documents, not of their rental office, so I honestly returned the vehicle. At the same time, the Nissan, which she rented, all this time, remained parked at the side of the shop, where I had left off to confuse the car and taking with the other person.
  • Do you know this male behavior condescending when a woman, confused, is at the side of the open hood? A story like that happened to me: I was driving with a friend and there was a lot of traffic when we saw, ahead of us, a car broken down, I started to change lanes and, damn it! the engine stalled, leaving between the two lanes. My car showed no signs of a long life at all, the man in the car malfunctioning smiled maliciously. We went down and, first, we pushed our car into a lane, open the hood and here we begin to improvise. The man was still smiling, but he did not come down to help us. Total, to spend an hour, after touching everything that we could with our hands with a manicure, we find the failure: they had dropped the dough. Quickly screwed them, we picked up everything we had taken, we close the hood and with the gaze of the winners, we were pulling out the tongue at the man. The memory of your face bitter still dwells in me with satisfaction.
  • When I was a child I did not understand why the steering wheel on a car always was or to the left or to the right. It seemed to Me that the car had no balance if he traveled alone a person. And, in principle, it was something illogical. I dreamed that, being larger, would have a car with a steering wheel in the center.

  • Sorry, can’t talk… my Dad yells constantly.

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