20+ faithful Men, who will do everything for a picture perfect for your wedding

In your Instagram, all the girls want to climb the most beautiful photos. Of course, the selfies are good, but you have to add something: travel, magical places, and various activities. And for this, a photographer is absolutely necessary. Then, the men come to the rescue. They love us so much that they are willing to make a hundred identical shots with patience so that in the end we remain satisfied with a single photo, which we climbed to our account.

Great.guru found photos of users of Instagram , under the hashtag #boyfriendsofinstagram, show how it looks from the outside, the process of creating photos for the pages of their girls on social networks.

1. Work in a team

2. The photos of the beach require a special exhibition…

3. And patience

4. Apart from the creative approach

5. Put at risk the life is nothing compared with the perfect image

6. The perspective also matters

7. A painstaking process

8. Already we can call it a sport. Good, or at least fitness

9. Brothers of doom

10. When you put it all at his feet

11. The real reason that we go to the beach

12. Actions are well coordinated

13. The perfect angle can vary a traditional photo with the towers

14. It turned out to be a photo together

15. The more patient

16. Instagram knows no age

17. True passion for the work

18. When you’re the husband of a instabloguera

19. When you’re already tired of the photos of the banal with friends in the coffee

20. “The real reason that I invited to all trips”

21. No you can not sit down while you take a picture of your partner

Bonus: “that’s why I want to have kids”

Does your boyfriend take a photo with a win?

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