20 Ideas to give them a second life with the corks

The cork is a material that is very easy to get to, and when you recycle by using it in a craft, the results are very colorful. From curtains to carpets, and passing through a great variety of curious objects, the possibilities of giving another life to this product does not have limits. Start saving the plugs of this material and take a look at the ideas that we gathered for you in this article. You’ll love them!

In Great.guru we have selected several ideas for you to create beautiful crafts with cork stoppers.

1. Pots

2. Curtains

3. Add-ons

4. Cork

5. Christmas decorations

6. Coasters

7. Keychain

8. Photo frame

9. Chess

10. Decoration

11. Mirror

12. Table

13. Object to hang jewelry

14. Carpet

15. Small pots

16. Napkin holder

17. Seals

18. Trivet

19. To prevent your headphones from becoming a tangled mess

20. Small house for birds

What is the idea you liked the most? What you can think of other things that can be done with cork stoppers? Tell us in the comments section below.

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