20+ Pictures found in children’s books that just leave us with a lot of questions

According to the studies, the number of books found in the home of a child significantly affect their educational success. You can even be much more important than the education of their parents, the economic situation of the family or the country in which they live. But not all books are really helpful.

In Great.guru we have found a number of books that parents should consider carefully before reading to their children. We are confident that this collection will surprise you!

1. I would prefer a night of solitude in this case

A morning of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness.

2. In this home there are no toys?

Imagine that I am pooped and out of your body.

3. Do you refer to a morning hangover?

All my friends are dead.

4. This is precisely the superpower that nobody wants around

5. But it seems so cute and funny…

I’d really love to have a child.

6.It is also a pleasure to meet you!

All my friends will eat all your dead friends. This is what we do.

7. Is this an order? What will happen if I do not the case?

Touch the cow. Do it now.

8. Do you even apple? I’m definitely not ready for this book

Everyone does poop.

9. I know that feeling, friend

All I want to do is illegal

10. I wish I had read this when I was a child

Things will not improve when you grow up

11. It is better to be prepared for life when you are older

The little Bobby’s drunk again

12. When you want to be the only child in your family:

To sleep

13. Ah, many thanks for the clarification!

Boy / Girl

14. This is a rare activity

15. The dog and the cat are even more surprised that any other person

Mom put an egg!

16. What happened to the girl?

The guy more horrible in all the world.

17. Plop, plop, do you plop?

18. Perhaps a search is quite optimistic


19. To be honest, I think so too

I need a new rear!

20. So… What is the difference here?

Smart / Idiot

21. The black eye of mom and her puffy face

The black eye of Mom

Have you seen any children’s book with things so strange? Please share your stories with us in the comments!

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