20 Images that reach the top of happiness and warms the heart like a sun in the middle of the summer

An unexpected encounter with your favorite actor or with a loved one after a separation, a recovery, a long-awaited or a surprise planned, they are all reasons to enjoy a sincere joy. And sometimes, the happiness you are filled with so much that it is impossible to stop this wonderful impulse to want to share it with the world.

Users of the social networks showed their happiest moments in their everyday lives and in Great.guru we were inspired to raise the spirit of our readers, choosing the photographs that most reveal to us the life itself.

“I got on a roller coaster with my grandfather 74 years of age. I was so excited!”

“My mother worked all her life to educate 4 children, and to help the family who remained in their homeland. Today bought a bag and it looks fully happy”

“David Hasselhoff stopped a taxi to take a picture with my sister. Look how happy she is”

This daughter is with her father after a long separation

“After 5 years of desperate attempts”

Aleksandr Ovechkin made it happy to this child

“She landed in my lap one for the first time a year and a half after the adoption of the shelter. I promise, my heart gave a startled”

“My legs finally recovered after an injury suffered two years ago and now I re-dedicate myself to what I like”

“I taught my son to carve the wood. This is the first job I did alone, I’m proud of it!”

“Finally, we bought a house! Yes, it is small, but my husband and I, we strive like crazy”

This stroke of the bell means that the patient has come to its long awaited end of the treatment, whose path was incredibly long and difficult

“My father found an occupation to his liking. This is your photo most happy of the past 15 years”

“Our little champion takes his first steps”

“We committed in French Polynesia”

“The day that we take it to the shelter”

The passengers of the usual wave good-bye to the driver on your last day of work

“I invited my mother to dinner and was surprised with tickets to the concert of your favorite band”

“For a moment and just contemplate how beautiful it is, my dear Harley”

Pure joy childhood

Your day to be as joyous this pancake

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