20 “Deceivers” among animals that will confuse anyone with your appearance

One day a visitor from a zoo in the chinese I was telling your son about different animals and the sounds emitted by them. What was his surprise when, on the approach to a cage with a lion, they heard how the king of animals began, unexpectedly, to bark. So it was that came to light the fraud: employees of the zoo wanted to move to a mastiff tibetan by an african lion. Do you think that is impossible? Then we invite you to see with your own eyes that “lion” and other animals that could easily pass for someone else.

In the history with the zoo, the lion was not the only imposter: another dog was in a cage that said “wolf”, and the foxes walked in the enclosure of the leopards.

Great.guru has collected for you 20 evidence of the excellent sense of humor of mother nature, who decided to create animals of different types are surprisingly similar.

1. The “lion” of that zoo chinese. But his mane is really impressive!

2. This puppy could pass for a polar bear

3. And here is a perfect imposter for a grizzly bear

4. A cat that looks like a wolf. Perhaps you could imagine someone more fabulous?

5. Step-siblings

6. Among the distant relatives of this dog surely there were bears, maybe stuffed

7. If the rabbits were the size of a dog

8. “My dog looks a lot like a wolf”

9. And this dog, a fox

10. No, it is not a fox, it is a cuón or red dog

11. How do I verify that it is not a bear?

12. A koala home

13. It is like a little puerquito and behaves as such

14. “My puppy is a bit like a ciervito”

15. If you change for a baby polar bear, not even your mom will notice

16. “My cat looks like a puma”

17. No, it is not a poodle, it is a rabbit Angora with a cut-fur

18. A kitten that was born with the fur of a red panda

19. Sometimes also appear mythical creatures

20. Bat fruit bowl that looks more like a dog flying

Which of these animals is the has surprised you most? I share it in the comments!

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