20 Amazing tricks for the iPhone that will be of great help

The smartphones produced by the Apple company for a long time occupied the first positions in the market of mobile phones. However, within the operating system of the iPhone, they are still hidden to certain capacities that may possibly not have no idea.

Great.guru shares with you amazing tricks that you can do with your iPhone.

Timer to play the music

Now, before going to sleep, you can enjoy your favorite tunes without the worry of staying asleep and leave the music on for the whole night. Simply program the timer that is on the option to “Watch”. In the section “the end”, instead of a tone you choose the “stop playing” and now yes, you can sleep without worries. Let the rest of the work to the phone. It is a real find for lovers of audiobooks!

Creating a vibration only

In place of the standard scheme of vibration for text messages or calls, you can easily create your own template.

  • Go into your phone settings, then “Sounds” > “Ringtone” > “Vibration”. Choose the section where it says “Create new vibration”.
  • Dale play and you touch the screen at the pace you want it to vibrate. After this, detenla and save your template. This is retained in the section “Vibration” (menu of tones) in the list “Custom”.

In addition, you can create a personal vibration for each person in your contacts list.

The cleaning of the RAM memory of the device

To make your iPhone run faster, try to clean the RAM of your device. It can be done with the help of a few simple actions:

  • Press and hold the power button of your device until the phrase to turn it off.
  • Without slide to power off, press and hold the “Home”button.
  • Within a few seconds you will see a small flicker on the screen, and then again you go back to the main screen. From this moment on, the RAM memory of your iPhone or iPad will be clean and the device will operate faster.

Time to send message

You can easily find out the exact time of the sending of the message with the help of a few simple steps:

  • Enters the application “Messages”.
  • Now, open the conversation in which the message of your interest.
  • Swipe with your finger from right to left.
  • Near each message will show the date and the time of shipment and delivery.

Character count for Messages

To not manually do the account of characters used in a message turned on in your iPhone, the standard function count:

  • Go to “Settings”, find the section “Messages”.
  • In the section “Messages” go to “character Count” and activate this slider.

Ready! As soon as you start typing a message, almost immediately you will notice the character count.

Video recording with the screen off

If you want others to not notice when you take a picture or record a video, it performs the following actions:

  • In the locked screen tap the “Camera” button and lifts the curtain to the half.
  • Keep the curtain in a state of semi-open, in case of be necessary to change the mode to record video and press the record button.
  • Click three times on the “Home”button.
  • Keep “the curtain” until you turn off completely the screen and remember that the recording is active.
  • If you want to stop the recording, activate your device using the normal method and stop recording in the menu.

Rebobinación audio and video

You can change the speed of the rewind, by moving the slider. Well, the area yellow is used for a rebobinación fast, the red rewinds two times more slowly, and the green makes it even slower.

Call a number with an extension

If you want to call a number with an extension from your iPhone, enter the main number and then press the asterisk for a few seconds. After the main number, the screen will display a comma, enter the extension number and press “Call”.

Disable the ads in the games

If you as well as many iPhone users will bother the ads in games and apps, and do not want to buy the paid versions, you can disable it for free with the help of a simple action. Put your phone in airplane mode and enjoy your game without the ads unbearable.

Change orientation to make a panoramic photo

Easily change the orientation to make a panoramic photo on your iPhone with just a touch on the arrow on the screen of your phone.

Delete numbers in the calculator

If you’ve noticed an error in the numbers entered, then removes any of the latest figures, by sliding your finger left or right in the text box.

The quick call to the emergency services

If prepopulated in your phone your medical data, any user may submit the information to the doctors, which is important to save your life in critical situations. We recommend you to indicate your blood group and information about what medications you are allergic to.

Recovery of closed pages in Safari

To see the last few tabs open in the Safari browser, simply tap the “+” sign at the bottom of the screen.

Maps in offline mode

If you have previously downloaded a map, then, when you type in the search “OK maps”, you’ll be able to use the maps in offline mode.

The application is hidden “Field Test”

On iPhone are available service codes with the help of which you can receive any information about the device: company telephone and mobile phone networks. With a simple call placed to the number *3001#12345#* to display the hidden menu with information on your SIM card, the networks of telephone company, signal level, and among others.

The increase of the speed of Wifi

With the help of the function “Support Wifi” you can easily configure the automatic diversion of your phone’s Wifi slower on 3G/LTE.

Leveler in iPhone

Aside from the calculator, the flashlight and the compass, your iPhone also has a leveler. Only enters in the app “Compass” and slide your finger towards the left side, after this, you will open a tab with the leveler built in.

Decrease brightness to the minimum

Yes even with the minimal presence of brightness in total darkness can cause a sense of discomfort, use the following settings:

  • Open “Settings” > “General” > “Accessibility” > “Zoom”.
  • Activates the function “Display driver”.
  • Return to the previous menu and move the screen to the point “Combination of keys”. Activates the single point “Zoom”, put a check box in front of it.
  • Three times in a row press the “Home” button and tap the joystick control that appeared. Takes the slider to the minimum and opens the function “Select filter”.
  • You choose filter “Low light” and hide the control.

Disabling tabs in Apple Music

The appearance of the server Apple Music extended considerably the prospects for the lovers of the music, but the row of tabs redundant hinders a little bit the interaction usual with the program. You can delete the tabs unnecessary, with the help of a few simple actions:

  • Open “Settings” > “Music”.
  • Disables the slider to Show “Apple Music”.
  • Open “Settings” > “General” > “Restrictions”. Enter the password you set.
  • Disable “Apple Music Connect”.

Reset of iPhone

There are probably situations in which your phone is locked or just “bad mood” and refuses to function properly. Give your iPhone a little time out. For this, press and hold the buttons “Home” and “On/off” button pressed until the iPhone screen turn off. This can take up to 10 seconds. Then your phone will restart and the screen will display the Apple logo.

Remember: the reboot of the phone is an extreme measure, it is not recommended to use it very often.

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