20 special Moments of the life of the common people that you will be glad as if out for yourself

All of us sometimes events occur whose memory we later return to cause excitement. Proposals of marriage, the long-awaited arrival of a baby or an unforgettable trip. The protagonists of this article they told about the moments more cheerful and unique that they will remember for a long time. And with reason, because the good mood is created to share it with others.

Great.guru decided to collect it, and mostrártelos, because each of these stories contains a dose of optimism for at least one daily whole.

“My hedgehog Henry completed its first year of life”

“After 590 days, finally we adopted our little girl”

The man found his cat

“Oh, Ginger was found! Thank you all for living with these posters during the last month. One of them worked!”

A woman holds her old heart after a successful transplant

“I found the training machine that my grandfather had made for me 20 years ago”

“My grandmother worried that their new pets will be well. Then he sent me this photo”

“My friend is a model beginner, and this is its first poster on Broadway”

“For more than 10 years, I wanted to have a dog. Tried to conceive a child for about 2 years. Now I’m happy”

“I’m 63 years old and I finally got to Iceland!”

“Adam Sandler got into the wedding photo of my friends”

“My grandmother of 102 years with his great-grandson, 4 on the birthday of her”

“I’m 48 years old, and recently I learned that I have a son of 32 years. Today finally met.”

“Meet Sushi, my boyfriend found it in the street when walking with our puppy”

“Actually, I don’t know how to sew, but my daughter was so proud of his drawing that I decided to do it for her”

“I just graduated from the master’s degree. Here are all my notebooks, textbooks, and notes of the entire period of study”

“I proposed marriage to my girlfriend on the top of a mountain”

“I spent 60 dollars to go from Istanbul to Cappadocia and see this”

“Recently we bought a new house and now we’re getting to know our neighbors”

“My parents used to recreate one of their wedding photos for your 25th anniversary”

“Today, my 3 year old son and her great-grandmother, 89-have joined forces and have caught their first fish.”

Let’s do a challenge viral and share our experiences more cheerful with the others. We can start in the comments.

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