20+ Works of a make-up artist transforms into cartoon characters without using Photoshop (Homer it came out great)

Annie Thomas is a makeup artist who “transforms” cleverly in the animated characters that we all know. The young man has tested with images of Sponge Bob in the cartoon of the same name, of Ursula from “The little mermaid,” Woody and Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story”, and many others. In this article we have collected the best works of this artist, and we propose to give them a look.

And at the end, Great.guru has prepared for you a bonus that will show you how Annie is transformed into the fictional characters.

The Simpsons

Sponge Bob

The father of a family

Finding Nemo

The little mermaid


Rick and Morty

Hey, Arnold!

The Adventures of Silvestre and Piolín


Lilo & Stitch


Toy Story


For that you are 100 % sure that this is no photoshop, but pure skill, we decided to add some photos and short videos that show how Annie makes these makeups. You can also visit his channel of YouTube: there the young upload videos regularly longer with their transformations.

And it looks like Annie in the daily life

What of the transformations of Annie in the cartoon you like most?

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