20+ Pairs of t-shirts cute and fun that made us say: “we need you all!”

The clothing is not only a means of protection from the forces of nature, but also a mark of the personality of the user. The t-shirts are extremely popular: they are easy and comfortable to carry and can be a means of expression.

Whether with your parents, siblings or your partner, what can be a better way to show your love to them? Great.guru brings to you some of the pairs of t-shirts more imaginative, expressing feelings, and look great at the same time.

Let kids be kids. Dad will fix everything

Children break things. And what? You can always teach them how to repair them.

Sharing happiness and pizza

“Tu me complete, little friend, you know that?”

What Call of Duty? No, Pokemon!

Families that play together stay together.

The family of Silicon Valley

Each child is a copy of their parents.

The music flows in this family

This is how you dress for a music-loving family.

The girl dad

“I am the most happy when I’m with my daughter”.

Batman will save the world

Seriously, do you ever have seen him and Batman in the same room? I’m just saying.

Princess Leia and her great dad

I even have the same hairstyle!

The elusive and his partner in crime

Who broke the rules?

Rule number 1

Never forget that.

The love conquers all!

And it knows no boundaries.

Mom uses “Latte tall and thin”

Because that’s probably what she needs with these two.

In case of emergency:

These two won’t lose each other… even if they want to.

Dangerous outbreaks

Look at this little man!

Every family is a royal family

And the prince and the princess rule.

I made the one for the other!

Until death do us part.

Girls Gilmore

Small steps toward a bright future…

And behind us is our castle

Have faith in your dreams and someday your prince will come and find you.

A kiss speaks louder than words

A kiss transcends all barriers.

Claws and jaws

Each height is scalable when the legs and the jaws together.

Who is more happy?

“Dad, you always make me smile.”

With age comes wisdom

Time and tide wait for no man. Make the most of your time and you’ll be happy.

Motivation friendly

“I don’t like the distance between us when we run. I will run it more when you reach my pace.”

You are my sun, you are my son

“No sun shines more than my son.”

Why so serious my feline friend?

Because you gave me clothes when I wanted food.

The Remix and the original

This father and son duo took Twitter by surprise.

“If you have problems with girls, I feel bad for you son. I have 99 problems, but my child is not one of them”

“…but I plan to annoy you all the days of the future”.

Give me the banana

“You Banana-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana)!”
“Potato-na-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana)!”

Do you ever think in make an impression scandalous on your shirt and give the other half to your partner? Please share your stories with us in the comments!

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