20 Cakes that not only will make you drool, but also tears of laughter

In any celebration, an inseparable part of the same is always a beautiful and tasty cake. And if the talent of the pastry chef is accompanied by an excellent sense of humor, this kind of desserts is never erased from your memory. Trust us, you will not be able to forget a lazy sitting on the Moon and playing ping-pong, or a character from The Simpsons that looks like a drawing.

Great.guru selected 20 cakes that are so well made that you rise up the spirits instantly. In the end, we’ll take you to a bonus, that when you see it you say without thinking: “Amazing!”.

20. The unicorn that almost ate a whole pie

19. The first wedding night

18. “Where is the second sock?”

17. Have you ever seen a cake made of onions?

16. “My wife made me this cake truly fascinating for my birthday”

15. Cat with parachute

14. These mini cupcakes imply that the birthday boy has a large nose and you are advised to get a rhinoplasty

13. When you’ve met 4 times 10

12. Santa ate too much and fell asleep

11. An explosion of the brain. Literal

10. A sloth playing ping-pong on the Moon

9. It is the dream of all lovers of beer

8. Why Marge Simpson has this hairstyle

7. Who doesn’t this happens? Especially, after a big party

6. This dessert is perfect for those who are on a diet

5. Sure, the first experience of driving in Jordan was a failure

4. To the lovers of eating at Mcdonald’s they will like it

3. After seeing this, really you will be left with the mouth open

2. No, it is not a drawing

1. And this is also a cake

Bonus: the cake would be incomplete if it did not have candles. Above all, these

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