20 Films that were considered the best by the MTV channel

Not too long ago completed a 27-delivery of the prizes MTV Movie Awards. Such awards are distinguished because, here, the winner is determined by means of the votes of the viewers, and in addition to the nominations cinematographic usual, there is some kind joke: “Best Performance Scared”, ” Best Performance shirtless“. In our article we have gathered the films that received the award “Best Film” in the entire history of the existence of the awards.

Great.guru talks about the best films in accordance with the channel MTV.

1996, Se7en, the seven deadly sins

Surpassing, among others, Apollo 13 and braveheart, the tape of David Fincher took the victory in the 5 delivery of the annual ceremony MTV.

The film is about the history of the work of two detectives, who are investigating the case of a serial killer. One of the detectives is retiring in a week, the other is still too young to handle a task so large. It is an excellent film for lovers of thrillers.

In addition to the first prize, Brad Pitt got the prize as “The Man Most Wanted”, and also Kevin Spacey received the nomination for the “Best Villain”.

1997, Scream: screams before dying

The horror film about the murderous maniac at the scene of the crime leaves a mask in a costume shop of terror. The police will come to the conclusion that the villain is a fan of horror movies and commit murder just for pleasure.

Scream was chosen as the best in 1997, leaving no awards to such nominees as: Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio in the main character, the science fiction film Independence Day, Jerry Maguire — Seduction and challenge with Tom Cruise and the movie The Rock.

1998, Titanic

Prior to 2003, remained the only champion in number of Oscars, the film could not pass without being noticed by the MTV awards. But the film received only 2 out of 8 nominations. In addition, the award was given to the interpreter of the male character main: Leonardo DiCaprio.

A thrilling story of love, the tragedy of a giant ship, elegant clothing, and an interior created to one hundred percent of a cruiser sunk is reflected in a film with a duration of three hours.

1999, Crazy Mary

The romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz and the young Ben Stiller received the main prize in the deliveries MTV in 1999. The movie talked about the story of a few teenagers, college graduates, whose love unexpectedly continues after thirteen years.

Other nominees for the award “Best Film” in this year were such masterpieces of american cinema as: Armageddon, Rescuing private Ryan, The Truman Show: the Story of a life and Shakespeare’s passionate about.

2000, Matrix

A fantastic story of the life of an office worker who by night turns into a hacker. He is the chosen one, it is empowered with super powers, he has to change the traditional way of life of this world. The movie became the pioneer of the special effects, and also launched a trilogy, comics and computer games.

In addition to the main prize to Matrix, in this ceremony, also made reference to the nominations for “Best Male Role” (Keanu Reeves) and “The Best Fight”.

2001, Gladiator

The historical drama by Ridley Scott talks about the times of the Roman Empire, when the brave general did not know the defeat in the battles, and led the great roman people to new conquests. But, upon having reached the cycle of the intrigue of the court, the miracle of fleeing death, he had to become a gladiator.

By the title of the Best Movie in this year he also fought Erin Brockovich, a woman audacious, Hannibal, X-Men and The tiger and the dragon.

2002, 2003, 2004, the Lord of The Rings

Each part of the trilogy about the great war for the ring, by the leadership of all the living, to know how to control his power, for three years was recognized by the viewers of MTV channel as the best film.

J. R. R. Tolkien wrote all three parts of the books in 14 years, and the director Peter Jackson to film the movie, the work of the creation of the three parties took the same time.

In the course of three years in the struggle for the main prize – the Lord of The Rings was ahead of films such as: Mile 8: Street of dreams, Shrek, Fast and furious, The ring, Spider-Man, finding Nemo, X-Men 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the Black Pearl.

2005, Napoleon Dynamite

For the first time in the history of the existence of the awards, in 2005, the prize has received a film about the “rejected”. The movie Napoleon Dynamite, a nerd of the school, which every day draws strange animals and fight with his brother. One day, his life gets a new turn, when he decides to take part in the elections of the school and, inevitably, win.

This film managed to leave without award movies: The Spider-Man 2, Kill Bill, the revenge: volume II, Ray and The Incredibles.

2006, The hunting brides

A comedy about the fantastic adventures of two friends, who, apparently, developed an advantageous strategy for the seduction of girls. But his plan is sinking in failure when the true feelings.

At the MTV awards The hunting brides managed to overcome in the race for the big prize to films like: Batman begins, sin city, King Kong and Virgin at 40.

2007, Pirates of the Caribbean 2: the casket of death

The second film of the series Pirates of the Caribbean won the main prize at the ceremony in the year 2007. New dizzy adventures of the characters worshipped, a spectacular sea, a plot that does not allow you to pry yourself away from the screen until the last scene. And if you watch it until the end, after the credits end you’ll see another small episode.

For an excellent work of actor, it is also recognized to Johnny Depp.

2008, Transformers

A fantastic movie of action that is based on the series of toys from Hasbro and an animated series, was awarded with the main prize of the MTV awards in 2008.

The main plot of this movie is about a normal boy who, along with his girlfriend, they become participants in a war of cars that are transformed.

Transformers surpassed movies as Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End, The legend of the lost treasure 2: book of secrets, The young life of Juno, I Am legend , and Super cool.

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, Twilight

Twilight managed to overcome the result of the champion there are a quantity of rewards earned consecutively in the main nomination in the awards of MTV channel: the Lord of The Rings. So, the difficult love story of a boy vampire and a human girl was recognized by the viewers of the music channel as the best film for four years in a row.

In addition to the main prize, every year, Twilight received the award for Best Kiss.

It is worth mentioning that the part 5 and the end of the saga, Twilight: Dawn — Part 2, in the following ceremony, held in 2013, was nominated only for “Best Performance shirtless”, which won the performer of one of the main characters, Taylor Lautner.

The opponents in the saga of vampires in the struggle for the main prize in these years were: Iron Man: The iron man, Batman: the dark knight, slumdog millionaire, Avatar, Harry Potter and the half blood prince, Harry Potter and the deathly hallows — Part 1, What happened yesterday?, The source, social Network, black swan, The hunger games.

2013, Avengers: the Avengers

In the ceremony of the 2013, the main prize was given to a few incredible fighters with elements of comedy. The superheroes of the comics are joined together to together face the enemy and save mankind. These are: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, hawkeye and Black Widow.

Other nominees for the award “Best Film” in this year were: Django without chains, games of fate, Ted and Batman: the dark knight rises.

2014, The hunger games: in flames

The film based on the novel by Suzanne Collins, the sequel to the movie The hunger games , whose premiere had taken place exactly a year ago. On this occasion, the characters of the film were in a position more dangerous. The rules of the hunger games, in which involved the characters had changed. Now, the risk is greater and the chances of survival are very few.

In the race for the main prize, the film of the year was ahead of films like: 12 years of slavery, Scandal, american, The Hobbit, the desolation of Smaug and The wolf of Wall Street.

2015, Under the same star

After a series of films of action and superheroes, in the ceremony of the 2015, best film, the audience would recognize the melodrama.

The film Under the same star talking about a touching story of how love can enter to the life of a girl with a terminal illness, adventure and happiness. That their days are numbered, but his love he gave her eternity.

This tearjerker managed to leave behind quickly to seven pretenders to the “Movie of the year”. In 2015, there were a record number of nominees on the main prize, among which were: Loss, Whiplash: music and obsession and Guardians of the Galaxy.

2016, Star Wars: the awakening of the force

Another episode of the epic space. After 30 years of the death of a high general, the galaxy is still in danger. In the fight against the dark forces, there arise new heroes. It is precisely this episode of Star Wars is among the top three films grossing in the entire history of cinema.

The awakening of the force is the record holder of the MTV awards in number of nominations: 11 in total with 3 wins.

The other nominees in 2016 were: Avengers: age of Ultrón, Creed: heart of a champion, Deadpool, Jurassic World: World, Jurassic , and Straight Outta Compton.

2017, The beauty and the beast

Since childhood, the beloved story of many about the irresistible force of love. This film is a new version of the film released by the studio Disney in 1991. In the creation of the interior and the costumes picturesque, were used in general 8700 candles, 1500 roses and about 2000 Swarovski crystals, and also 20 000 icicles.

The film of the fairy tale, in the fight for the title film of the year, according to the version of the channel MTV, managed to beat out other nominees such as: ¡Huye!, Logan, Rogue One: a history of Star Wars and My life as a seventeen.

2018, Black Panther

In this year, the best film was one of action and fantasy. The Black Panther is a hero whose purpose is to save their homeland and protect their people from a devastating invasion. In addition, the main prize, was nominated for the work of the characters to “The Best Actor” and “Best Actress” and ” Best Superhero“, the winner of the main role was Chadwick Bozeman, and the award for “Best Villain” went to Michael B. Jordan.

Other nominees for the award “Movie of the Year” were: This, Avengers: Infinity War, Wonder Woman , and Girls Trip.

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