20 positive People who can’t stop doing the good

Every day in the streets walk thousands of heroes. Do not use or masks or layers, and do not call attention to themselves, but are always ready to help or simply to cheer up someone.

Great.guru believes that goodness is the quality most precious of the human soul, so has been found for you to 20 people who have made this world a place a bit better.

Keanu Reeves made a special someone’s wedding

My clients learned that I like the ducks and they came to my office to give me yours

When you’re in a good mood is good

A police officer near an elementary school

“I offered her coffee to the window cleaner”

Someone made houses impervious to the stray cats

A few veterans will built my grandfather a new ramp for his birthday number 98

Pink stopped her concert to encourage a young man of 14 years who was sad

“My mom wove 88 gorritas for premature babies”

“My friend, who lives on the other side of the Earth, bought me food to lift my spirits”

“I returned a wallet lost to its owner, and a few weeks later I received a thank you”

“My wife was struck by the car of a driver who not only was able to calm her down, but also took this photo when I arrived at the place”

In Edinburgh, a fairy secret makes some delicious cupcakes in the door of your neighbors

Someone scattered pebbles with cute messages

“You matter”.

“In the break room of our work there are bowls for the sweets. I took M&Ms”

Each week, this woman walking through the city with a large tray of buns that offers to the passers-by

“My mom made a small house for a frog”

“Our portfolio leaves a treat for my dog every time he comes. When he went on vacation, gave me a whole package to meet until his return”

“Next to the apples there is a note that says: ’help yourself’. When I returned, the bucket was already half empty”

And improved mood

“Have a nice day”.

Will there be heroes of good heart among our readers? Tell us about your good deeds in the comments.

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