20 People that didn’t know what it would cost them a small error

Without a doubt, every person has the right to be wrong. However, everyone does not learn of these errors. Some people live their life under the motto “a Thousand and one ways to screw up”. The only good news is that you can always laugh at such stories.

In Great.guru we know that the main weapon against any misfortune is the humor, and we advise you to console yourself with the fact that there will always be some losers who fared worse than you.

“My dad ordered a new credit card with your photo. Thought it would be a small image, as in your previous card. That was what I received today”

“Today I got a new scar in the shape of Abraham Lincoln, sitting in a penny hot who was in the front seat of my car”

The secrets always come to light

“This poor man parked his car on the beach, oblivious of the tide”

Punishment must come to all rude

“Today I finally decided to fix the glass partition in the bathroom”

Revenge is a dish best served cold

“Once, in my childhood, on the eve of the session of photos for the album of graduation, I decided to cut my bangs and decorate my face with a tattoo sticker”

“I didn’t want my work to know that I plan to leave. The journalists I was filmed in a job fair and they showed me on tv”

“My friend made a series of fatal errors today”

Repentance instant is understood without saying anything

Well you see the phrase “I will Not believe it until I verify it myself”


Women never forgive the errors

And never lose the opportunity of remembering it

In the end it was worth fixing the boat

“4 hours ago I decided to upgrade the computer. In 7 minutes begins the defence of my thesis”

“System upgrade: 75%. Do not turn off the computer. It may take a while.”

What stupidity or belief in human decency?

“The 21.08 in this place was lost a set of keys with a magnetic key green. I ask you to return it to the department number 90, 8th floor, after 18 days of week, or all day during weekends. There will be a reward and a sincere thank you. Thanks in advance”.

“I wore my son and I was distracted very for a second, and…”

This precise moment that you remember that the phone was always in the back pocket

“My friend decided to dye her hair blue. Now is a Smurf”

Have you ever made mistakes of not took you to repent?

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