20 People who regularly invent theories delusional

There are people with talents very different: there are those who have solved ingeniously crossword puzzles, others know how to embroider to perfection in point of a cross; but there are individuals whose brain specializes in creating theories as crazy and witty, as absurd.

Great.guru has compiled 20 crazy theories from people whose imagination and observation can only be envied.

Every sociopath has a Grinch in your interior

The terrible truth about the face of Peppa Pig

“Casper, a good ghost.” This is a terrible fairy tale about how the parents of Ricky Ricón killed him to collect the life insurance

“We presented the theory according to which, Tom Cruise put on a rear artificial for a single scene of the movie ’Operation Valkyrie’. Here is the proof”

We all live according to the laws of nature

Have you noticed that every rapper should have a wool cap orange?

Only the children are able to warn the small error

And they know, understand, everything, with much more depth than adults

Counterargument strong for those who believe in the theory of the “flat Earth”

“If the Earth was flat, since a long time ago that the cats would have thrown the whole of its surface”

If you try hard enough in your laziness, you have many possibilities to become a warrior supreme

Always the same, never fails

“At the beginning of each movie of disasters there is a scientific unknown”

The only thing that remains for us is to believe blindly in the calendar

When you can’t sleep and think until midnight on theories amazing

The unsung heroes who care for the humanity

British scientists discovered the reasons for the failure of the intelligence of scottish

When the face of an actor and the dubbing uncovering your character

Relationships between famous that will surprise you

The most important thing is that the computer is not slow

“You shouldn’t even try to convince me that singer Joe Jonas is not Petyr Baelish (Little finger Jr. of Game of Thrones), and you are going to marry Sophie Turner only master Winterfell”

Did you ever once one of these theories is so bright and absurd?

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