20+ People who broke all the stereotypes

Do you think that a child can perceive a game on the tablet as a punishment, and that a domestic cat love with insanity the water and swim? Due to the stereotyped ideas of the modern people, this sounds far-fetched, but we are ready to shake up your perceptions of the world. Even “the son of the friend of mom” is not as perfect as it looks!

Great.guru believes that girls do not necessarily need to love the color pink and boys must not be fans of football always. And to prove it, we have made this photo compilation, whose protagonists were not afraid to go beyond the generally accepted standards.

The generational difference

A man went 20 years without talking to his wife because he was angry with her. This is the scene of their first conversation after all that time, which was organized by their children

Breaking the pattern

Who said that the only animals that can help the police are the dogs?

Faith in humanity has been restored

An officer wearing a t-shirt with the words “Definitely I am not a police officer” makes him a fine to an infringing party

So women drive bad?

We are all a little “children of the friend of mom”

“This is a good ‘pizza’!”

“This flower blooms one night and then withers”

Will it be enough with a clove of garlic?

Thieves with moral principles

Nothing better to go for a ride… without leaving home

“I’m not here to follow your stereotypes”

The figures made of balloons are not always simple

I should have accepted things


A cat that loves to swim

Where can I find a job as well?

“Working hours: Mo — day off / ma — day off / my — free day / ju — free day / vi — day-free / sa — day-free / do — 12:00 to 12: 30 hs”.

Elephant albino

Do not believe your eyes

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