20 People that taunted death and survived to tell the tale

Do you know what it means to be lucky? While some may consider these people much more unfortunate than most of us, mainly because they themselves got themselves in those situations, you surely ran with the luck of having come out alive of them to have the opportunity to tell their experiences to others.

In Great.guru we believe in luck. In the stories below you’ll see 20 people incredibly lucky to have been saved from major disasters despite being only a few centimeters of the worst.

Lucky coin

“My great-grandfather was shot in the chest by a German soldier during the First World War. Fortunately, the coins in his pocket slowed the bullet, and this saved his life. It could be said that I didn’t need much money to survive”.

The axe of faith

Someone not assured your axe the right way.

I by a hair!

The driver of this car should go buy a hundred lottery tickets today.

The perfect way

Trees that fall may be totally unpredictable, but this fell in a way awesomely strange!… and perfect!

It almost does not live to tell the tale!

“Almost stepped on this little snake while barreling. It was a rattlesnake horned, the size of a dollar bill. He had not seen and was too small to be heard, so I walked over quietly to her, I took a photo and left it quiet”.

Simply amazing

Pierced the skin of the heel without causing any damage.

The bite of a shark

Did you know that there is something called “attempted bite” of the shark? It is for them to discover whether or not they want to eat their prey. Apparently, this girl did not pass the test.

A kitten hot

Almost you light fire to my cat.

One of the dangers of having a black cat.

Less than a centimeter

When you live in places with strong winds, you can only pray that the trees don’t fall on your car.

Always wear safety glasses

The safety glasses saved the eye of this man of the explosion to a disk of an angle grinder.

I was close!!!

This rock almost takes the house of this farm Italian.

A result of a slip

“There was a landslide of mud just north of my city, and this truck driver of the California Department of Transportation was close to death. To the left is the Pacific Ocean”.

Oh saved by the bell!

Work in a sawmill, and a client has changed a polin of treated wood 4″ by 12″ that I was holding with my hand. A fell rolling on my hand. I heard a pop and thought I had lost my finger, but it turned out that my ring is tungsten carbide, received the full force of the impact. Broke, but not bent, and so protected my toe from being tragically crushed. I would rather replace a ring to have to lose a part of my body some day!”.

It is not lethal, but very unpleasant

Helps to get to sleep at night.

Mild laxative.

“I was close last night, are very similar.”

Device very clever

The cell phone saved the leg of this worker in an accident with a chainsaw.

Nail to nail

“Two nails on wood 16-gauge is buried in the space between my kneecap and my femur! Pays a lot of attention, they did not touch ANY bone. If you look close enough, you can see that one just touches a cartilage”.

Sometimes you have to arrive late

“Arriving late to work, this time, saved my life. If I had left my house 2 seconds before, surely this car would have fallen on my head!”.

The image of the disaster

How did this happen? Do you think that someone was excited too as he broke the wall?

He was saved from a snow storm

“I feared the worst when the tree is collapsed in the direction of my car. But when the snow was dispersing, I realized how incredibly lucky he was”.

This could have been an unpleasant experience

“When you find the tip of a knife in your blackberries frozen and you think your father is trying to kill you, but then you remember that yesterday you tried to despedazarla”.

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