20+ Evidence that fall is the most talented artist in the world

The fall is always different, varied and unpredictable. This season looks different in every part of the Earth: quiet and deep in Norway, a brilliant and controversial project in Patagonia, and sudden in Khakassia. But no matter the nation, there is nothing better than to join her with a warm blanket, a book and, of course, the “dish” of our bonus.

Great.guru has compiled photos that you become convinced that nature knows how to do true wonders during the fall.

1. The autumn is the second spring

2. Carpet golden

3. Autumn in Norway

4. Way in the united States

5. “Fire” in the trees

6. The shadow of the past

7. Steps to autumn

8. Contrast

9. Forest orange

10. Autumn in Washington

11. Park of a fairy tale

12. Spots of color

13. Autumn in Alaska

14. Portal

15. Patagonia in autumn

16. The comforts of home

17. The road to autumn

18. Autumn in Wisconsin, united States

19. This station fits very well to this house

20. Slowly changing

21. Charm of Kamchatka

22. Stairway to autumn

23. From lowest to highest

24. Autumn in Boston

25. Here’s a look at September in Khakassia


How is the autumn where you live?

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