20+ Proofs that our world is flying in the wrong direction

The technologies are developing at breakneck speed, so that, sometimes, we don’t have time to adapt to them. Or, if you have this, but in an unexpected way. Parents educate their children with the help of photos, now it is forbidden to walk on the grass, with a hunter hoverboard, the drones take out the trash and the “clever” house is not allowed to enter to its owner because it is Batman.

In Great.guru we decided to analyze how to apply the high technology in the everyday world. Welcome to the future!

The door can not be opened, but the payment will be made immediately


And what? So it’s faster and everything looks better

And press “like” to support the channel

The delivery of advertising may not work as hard when they have a single point meant for them

Spam (junk mail).

For the lawn, not

Peculiarities of a modern education

“Load and again unload the dishwasher. Ask a photo.

Then, walk the dog and take a photo.

Send me the two photos and I will tell you where is the power cord for your Xbox.

Thank you! With love, dad.”

The “clever” house is not let his owner because he thought that was Batman

“New faces recognized”.

Within 10 years, it will not be enough, and with a terabyte

Anti-spoiler for a game that you practice without a break, both spouses

We were waiting for another future

“This future sucks. I want my damn hunter hoverboard”.

The fantasy becomes a reality inexorable

“The robots will not be able to occupy your place of work if you’re already retired”

In our world, you never know where you can get your call: to Egypt, or to a refrigerator

But looking at the old


Released April 15, 2017, at 13:50, had to land on 14:15-14:30.

Please to someone who finds it return it for a reward to the following address…

1965: “I’ll bet that in the future we will have flying automobiles and machines to teleport”.


“Printer of cheese. To create a beautiful dish for your family, you will only have to say ’cheese’”.

“The cyberpunk that we deserve”


Post office.

Everything cool invented people really lazy

Even the bell-ringers in the churches were replaced, increasingly, by robots

Choose the chime sound:

01 Angelus 7:00

02 Animas 4:00

03 Cry 6:00

04 Angelus, 12 touches

05 Council 2:20

06 Position 5:50

0…9-Choice of the ring

INTRO — Play

No longer will you have to say that “it was not mine, but the neighbor’s”

“Technology ruined my relationship”

A severe augmented reality



This librarian understands a lot about the positioning of the products


A unique source of information and completely new for young people: ¡Book!

The information is transmitted to the brain directly through the eyes!

You don’t need USB, Wifi or input by infrared”.

A racing game built into a urinal

When the seller no longer bear the


It is not here, no, no, no, no, further down, still more down, down. Here. Well done. Great.”

“Please accept the terms of the agreement with the user before baking”

Soon we will miss those times in which our main problem was the advertising

What in your life there are incidents associated with the use of new technologies?

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