20 Ads placed in more places that unexpected

Companies from around the world create marketing innovative daily, but when it comes to placing ads, sometimes not depends on the advertisers, but where to put them.

Great.guru made a compilation of advertisements placed in places so strange, but so right at the same time, which made us laugh.

There is where purchase Bruce Wayne costumes

“Personalized suits for men”.

The publicist was inspired that day

“Everything you can eat. Rest stop”.

Rain of balls, apparently…

Bad location of advertising on a bus in Seattle

“Your teen comes home smelling of marijuana. “What now?”.
“You have to play a guitar imaginary”.

YouTube has to pay rent also, did you know?

“Hey, YouTube, maybe you shouldn’t put ads before the videos of first aid. I don’t have time to view the advertising of Red Lobster when my grandmother choked on a fish bone”.

So this is how it should be done

“You’re 15 meters away from the best coffee. Just jump the fence”

This will be devoted to this lord after you retire

They say yes, help

“Flu vaccines”.

Turkish Airlines are too close to the ground…

Welcome to Star ’sucks’

Not me to thank. Sincerely: Burger King

“One out of three people in Louisiana died of heart disease”.
“2 for $ 3 on croissant. Burger King”.

Well, this location is horrible

“Win the holiday of your dreams.”

A change of plot twist: could it be that it is a model of advertising?

What will you be doing there?

Yes, that is what you need to a baby

“Needs of infants.
Beer and wines”.

When you take the advertising too literal

“If it’s not broken, break it”.

Westwood Medical is responsible

An advertisement on the wall of a medical institution: “a million ways to die in the west”.

“What about Diabetes? A heart attack may be just around the corner”. Like this Mc Donald’s

This may be one of the best locations of advertising in history

Have you ever seen ads like this? Please share your photos with us to update the list!

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