20+ Shots spotless by which their authors definitely sell your soul, and you, too, would

Among thousands of millions of photographs of the same type, there are a few rare diamonds worthy of being called works of art. The talent, the luck and the skill of the photographer to give rise to intakes very special that makes you want to stare for hours.

Great.guru has compiled a beautiful and clever photographs that impress even the chills.

1. “A photo of which I am proud”

2. Ice caves in Iceland

3. A second before…

4. Cat against the stained glass window

5. Hair of fire

6. After the shower

7. Cherry blossoms in Copenhagen, Denmark

8. “Two of my friends at the Museum of Modern Art in Chicago”

9. A tunnel of magic in Japan

10. Freedom

11. Good day

12. Touch the sky with your hands

13. The face of the ocean

14. View of Seattle

15. A clip in the water

16. The reflection

17. In a meadow

18. “In the morning I got to see hot air balloons, and after they invited me to fly”

19. Traffic lights in a desert place

20. “I found this beauty parked in a picturesque place”

21. Train to Tokyo

22. Spider’s web on a traffic light

23. The city of Bruges, Belgium

24. View from the cave of Tianmen, China

25. Chicks hungry

26. Birth in the sea

Haven’t you ever found a new screensaver for your phone in our collection?

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