20 Tricks to save double on your travel

It is very easy to distinguish a true traveler of an ordinary tourist: the first spent in travel the same or less than if I was in their house.

Great.guru has been found tips for independent travelers on how they can save on a trip when there is not a lot of money and you really want to know the world.

  • Few people know it, but the memories more inexpensive and unusual not to find them at souvenir shops, but in the antique shops. The price there is 20 times lower, things are more refined and even preserve the true spirit of the time and the culture.
  • The council of the category “Ostap Bender”: if you show up at a hotel as a journalist of National Geographic, Lonely Planet and other companies, you will receive privileges like welcome amenities, excursions, and the best rooms among other things.
  • If you are traveling to India, carry a document in old English with your photography. Telling them that it is your student id, with it, you can have a free ticket or discounts for entry to the palaces, museums, forts, and among other things.
  • Do you want entertainment, services and free tours in a foreign city? Google this: “Barcelona, for 0 euro”, “Paris pour 0 euro” and you will find all the information about free events in the city.
  • Canubring.In this web site, users leave requests to ask for a “favor” and buy something to deliver abroad. You can provide a service and, at the same time, earn money.
  • In many public bathrooms you must pay to enter. Tip: if you want to go to the bathroom at an inappropriate time and do not have money at hand, just wait until someone comes out of the bathroom of the street and immediately enters through the open door that he has left.

    Well, if you’ve seen a bathroom free, remember this important rule for travellers: if you have a chance to go to the bathroom for free but don’t want to do it, anyway you need to force you to do this.

  • Council for polyglots: go to any small café that is located a little away from the tourist sites. Ask for the letter in English or Spanish and review it for its correctness. Usually, in abroad almost in every café there are errors such as “chicken of tobacco”. Do something good: propose to correct the letter. As a token of gratitude, you will guarantee a hearty meal and free of charge.
  • In the wonderful website neweuropetours you can find free tours of the 18 capitals of Europe (and in several languages).
  • Before traveling through cities with museums, download audio guides to your phone ahead of time. Sometimes, without the comments of experts, it is very difficult to understand the meaning of the paintings, especially in the museums of contemporary art. You will save 5 to 10 euros.
  • In the German airports near the counters of Lufthansa you can take free coffee and read the newspapers.
  • Trick checked: if you are up for a little while with your suitcase in a city of another and you want to wander around without loading anything, just keep it in a discreet manner in the lockers of a supermarket. A small suitcase can fit there.
  • If you have a chance to ask on the plane food kosher, is better than orders. The portions will be more tasty, better quality and even larger.
  • Many skyscrapers have not only viewpoints, but also restaurants in the altitude. For example, Marina Bay, Singapore. It is far more beneficial to say when you enter that you go to a restaurant and upload for free. Within the restaurants the picture is the same, but instead of paying for the entry ticket, you can eat. And then, if you don’t check, you’ll be able to go to the lookout point.
  • When you exit the airport, take a taxi on the outskirts of the area of games, not in the area of arrivals. When you get into a car that you just take the passengers who are going, you’ll be able to make sure that you do not have time to calculate and give you a new price. Thus, the cost of the trip to the city will be much more economic.
  • You’ll be able to see free of charge places of historical interest that are located in a natural area if you arrive at dawn, when there is no one to charge you for the input. For example, at Angkor Wat, in Cambodia.
  • Remember: in almost any museum there is a free day. There’s a good chance that you can take advantage of. It is recommended that you verify this information before you travel.
  • If your trip the way monopolizes the greater part of the time, purchase tickets for journeys night of any transport. In this way you’ll save money and time.
  • Tips for couples travel: at the time of booking or shortly before arrival, send an email to the hotel stating that your trip is a honeymoon, even if you already have 15 years of being married. No one will communicate with the civil registry. You’ll get a good room and you will be provided with all kind of amenities.

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