20+ Times when the imagination of the designers exceeded all limits

A couple of years ago, neuroscientists british discovered that approximately 2 percent of the population of the Earth suffers from “afantasía”. This term is assigned to the inability of a person to visualize mental images. The heroes of the compilation of this article could do worse to invent a new term: “hiperfantasía”. Because your imagination knows no limits.

Great.guru found photographs of people who were not able to stop the flow of creative ideas.

We want to believe that his girlfriend will assess your innovation capability

Rolls-Royce velvet. It seems that we have already seen everything

When wast thou not afraid to join modernity and the Renaissance

To sell an item you must have imagination. For example, proposing a couple of cubes of chicken broth in a water pistol

When you decided to play with the letters. And you aficionaste much

It is very nice, but why would a duck need two noses?

Cushion cervical in the form of a shrimp

This backpack can be used as a decoration for Halloween

It will be very difficult to find a second cup with this form

When did you decide that the color black in a container that is black is something conceptual

An air freshener “Squirrel with panties”

“The fresh scent of forest”.

The bodies of teddy

For those who in his childhood dreamed of becoming a sheriff

Nothing extraordinary, just a Mustang with teeth

If you are crazy for corgis

Possibly the idea more extraordinary for a manicure

Uy no, we removed this

Maybe you like it, but it is a rare feeling

A pizza that serves pizza

For those who are sick of the prints trivial

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