20+ Videos, and gifs shorts that explain how they work different things

Around us hundreds of objects, and we don’t even know how they work or where they arise. If you are a curious person, spends a couple of minutes to read this article and discover, for example, how to create the animations, how in a couple of seconds to collect the cherries, how they form the mold, and much more.

In Great.guru we are confident that you will love these gifs and short videos that show you how to operate the simplest things in the world. And at the end we’ll show you a dinosaur animatrónico that could pass for a live one without problems.

1. How to create animations (as explained with the example of the animated film “Kubo and the search for the samurai”).

2. How to form the mold

3. How to prune the shrubs

4. How manufactures the wire mesh

5. How it opens up a cone

6. How to collect cherries agricultural enterprises

7. Thus, little by little, the trees are cut very high

8. Collection of cucumbers

9. So you navigate the fire between the cars in case of an emergency

10. On the other side of the track bowling

11. The life of a dandelion in 30 seconds

12. How to separate the yolks from the whites in the production of some foods

13. So change the location of the teeth the dental braces

14. Engine that clean and cut apples

15. This is how to create the works of art of glass

16. A wasp making its nest

17. The work of a drill of 2 mm under a microscope

18. How to get rid of the stumps

19. How to make wooden beads

20. How to create the dishes ceramic

21. How to record the business of food

22. Do you know what happens in the interior of a tractor during the harvest of cereals?

23. How to grow beans

24. How to make your legs look thin to a photo

Bonus: a dinosaur giant animatrónico

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