2018 brings finally the red-haired emoji

The keyboard is filled with emoji is widely used. But since 2015 is already asked to the red-haired emoji. This year it finally happened: a load of new emoji, including two red-haired!

Unicode brings in addition to the 2.666 emoji they already have, a further 157 extra smileys. The guidelines stand, it is now just have to wait for Apple, Google and Microsoft to get them to turn in their own style. The 11.0 version of the app is filled again with new emoji. A hot face, a kangaroo, curls, joyful faces, super heroes and justice for all with red hair.


The site Emojipedia has all the different emoji below one another and merged in a handy video. We must, however, remember that the emoji that we see in the video but an example of what it ultimately can be. The choice is up to the software designers of how the ultimate emoji come out roll.

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