21 Plumbers whose masterpieces should be throwing down the toilet

Hiring a plumber would not be so expensive if it were not our only option in many critical situations. At the same time, some of them probably should have been converted to designer, that way his masterpieces unexplained would be more valued.

In Great.guru we want to show you 21 reasons to show that there is no than to try to fix the sink or toilet on their own, and it is better to choose a plumber carefully.

1. A rubber band will solve everything!

2. When a plumber is too expensive and tried to do a repair on your own:

3. This is what happens when you tell them plumbers what they have to do:

4. The magic outside of Hogwarts!

5. Did you install the plumber the lid with the eyes closed?

6. Something tells me that this is not a good idea…

7. It seems that the bathrooms also have bad days

8. What is supposed to go to wash?

9. When they said “half-bath” I was not expecting THIS

10. No one may go there from now on

11. I just hope that they don’t explode…

12. We’re not sure what went wrong here, but it can’t be anything good!

13. No, it is not a bug, it was designed this way…

14. I asked my brother (a plumber) to fix the head of my shower. Succeeded!

15. A place for private conversations

16. When it’s too cold outside and you want everyone to be warm

17. “A coworker asked me what was going on with the bathroom. When I arrived, this was waiting for me there…”

18. The wine can save you!

19. Can you guess who is this for?

20. I suspect that the hot water is not the biggest problem here…

21. Expected of a public bathroom. Everything, except this:

What of all these pieces of art in plumbing you liked more? It tell us in the comments if you have ever had a similar experience!

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