21 People who are too photogenic

Have you ever experienced one of those moments in which you feel that you look absolutely great but when someone takes a photo, it’s the opposite? Well, the guys below obviously have not gone through it. In fact, it seems that to them, it’s the opposite: when the time and the place could not be more wrong, his shots are so perfect that it is almost ridiculous.

Us, Great.guru, we select some of the people most photogenic in the world. It is to say, just look at them!

First take

This baby is everything a photographic model innate. A few seconds was inside the belly of his mother, and is now posing in front of the camera.

Baby is super photogenic

“Hey, sweetheart, I will become the most important man in your life!”

A moment before the inevitable

I can not imagine your reaction 2 seconds after, but will probably not be very happy.

Wonder Woman

Some people may act as if nothing had happened even after getting shot!

Beyond being photogenic

Even if you are losing, it is as if you were still winning.

Probably the criminal most handsome of all

We wonder what is to blame. What forced entry into the heart of someone?

Lady in flames 1

She seems so quiet by the fire giant is just behind…

Lady in flames 2

It seems that these women know a true secret about the fire and how not to be afraid of.

What broker fake?

How could it be viewed as such, after running a few miles? It seems that he was going on and decided to pretend that you are participating in the marathon.

Duties of the police

What will it be exactly what was written in the instructions of your work?

Good friends will always meet again

This is seen as the arrest, more user-friendly ever made.

Complete concentration

He must have practiced a lot if you can jump without looking!

The photo of a fan and a celebrity that was well

It seems that both are made of wax. Too good to be true.

Family portrait

“From such stick, such splinter”

Pose perfect in all possible conditions

Bringing out the best of the worst.

What came out of a magazine?

The water skiing most impressive of all!

Favorite moment

What are you looking at all the others?

Mr. Photogenic

This type must have a superpower! It is impossible to look as good in a water slide.

Magic moment

What is this what is called “love at first sight”?

Everything is alright!

That guy was so positive. I can imagine your face with this hand in a package of crackers or cereal.

Supermodel marginal

This kid without a home it looks even better than some models. We don’t be surprised if you sign with an agency soon.

Do you think that they are just photos taken at just the right time or these people have a natural gift for posing? Have you had you or your friends those moments of glory? Please share with us your answers in the comments!

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