22 Adorable babies that they say everything with their expressions

It is not a secret for anyone that the childlike spontaneity and his sincerity confuse completely to any adult. Almost all little ones use their weapons 100 percent like the protagonists of this collection.

Great.guru has collected evidence that the emotions of babies are more abundant than we could imagine. Admit it, what they loved more?

1. Do they can refuse a request so touchingly?

2. So you see a picture with sound”

3. This is love

4. “But I asked for chicken nuggets and not broccoli!”

5. When you don’t want to eat this porridge, but don’t make the case

6. “I took my daughter to slide from the mountain. Their emotions are non-transferable”

7. “My son is the exact copy of the Baker from The Muppets on Treasure Island

8. “Nothing makes my parents happier than desenredemos paper rolls”

9. “The reaction of my son of 7 months to the music of Bach”

10. “It again there is nothing to see on tv!”

11. When “photogenic” is your second name

12. “I left my daughter alone for 15 minutes. I try to understand whom he wanted to imitate”

13. “This morning, wonderful, this forest, this air… This is the life! And in two minutes I’ll forget all of this”

14. “At the end of the photo session, my daughter was tired of it and decided to show it as she cries in the baroque style”

15. This is a sad story in three images

16. “My son demonstrates how to pose for a selfie

17. “My daughter came to the supermarket seriously with a sheet of paper and a pen and decided to do the review. The people around felt uncomfortable”

18. “Do you really think that this cutter will help me to overcome the first existential crisis of my life?”

19. “The dog loves our baby. But she still doesn’t know how to treat it”

20. “What do you know of fashion? My daughter today got six panties on the head”

21. An older sister proud. How can you not fall in love with these two beautiful?

22. It’s good that in any situation you always support your faithful furry friend!

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