22 Celebrities who declared the boycott to social networks

Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. Some open personal accounts even for their pets, and an american girl, Christy Loyall, decided to create a account of Instagram with your leg amputated. But many stars are categorically refuse, despite the outrage of the fans, to register in the social networks. Although in the bonus we present to you an exception to the rules (and all for the royal family).

In Great.guru discover how celebrities treat the social networks and why avoid them, deleted their pages and then come back and delight us with their publications.

These celebrities have never been registered in any of the social networks and, apparently, they’re not going to do it

Celebrities always attract the attention of the public, which is why many of them value greatly your personal life and try to keep it a secret. Well, consider that social networks are simply harmful to themselves. For example, Benedict Cumberbatch said that social networks could occupy too much time, personal time and eventually ruin your life.

One of the actors most closed of Hollywood, Keanu Reeves, never had a personal account, although the fanatics and scam artists do so for him. The own actor during a joint interview with Renee Zellweger, who also is opposed to social networks, admitted that it simply had nothing to say to the people, and that I appreciated a lot your privacy.

Daniel Craig is a friend of modern technologies, but do not see the sense of the social networks. He believes that no one should matter how the other person spends the morning or the afternoon. Instead, the actor advised people that you simply call or go to a pub.

Scarlett Johansson considered strange by the desire to share the details of your daily life. In addition, with the advent of social networks, the stars have more problems: his personal life has almost ceased to be protected, as any thing can leak on the Internet.

Mila Kunis, unlike her husband Ashton Kutcher, just don’t know what to post and what to say to their subscribers. Do you upload photos of food or selfies? Do you really are interested in someone?

Bradley Cooper is convinced that the spectator should not know the identity of the actor to not to transfer your personality to the character on the screen, but simply enjoy the art of cinema. The actor addressed his choice philosophically, besides his wife, Irina Shayk, upload photos to the social network by the two.

The photos are too perfect in the social networks created excessive demands on the appearance, and because of this, many women are starting to have complexes. Kate Winslet considers this very serious problem and, therefore, has declared the boycott to the Internet.

Sandra Bullock also believes that social networks only show the positive side and, therefore, the wrong side of the people. No one will publish a photo failed, they all want a selfie perfect. The actress called this phenomenon “hollywood global”.

Kristen Stewart does not open an account in the social networks because, according to her, it changed humanity for the worse. Born an excessive passion for his personality, and the messages are similar to the dialogue of a person with herself.

Many stars and maybe they would like to have an account, but due to their illiteracy, technological can’t do it. For example, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have admitted repeatedly that they don’t really know how to use a computer. Winona Ryder does not use the Internet, and Johnny Depp does not have a telephone, because “you don’t want to be accessible all the time.”

Jennifer Aniston believes that social networks can be hazardous to your mental health. The actress in general , be wary of the technical electronics: turn off all electrical appliances before going to bed and dispose regularly on the phone, limiting temporarily the communication with the outside world.

The beautiful Rachel McAdams still seems to live in the TWENTIETH century. You do not have television, listen to the news on the radio and still doesn’t know how to use the e-mail.

Celebrities who have deleted their accounts

Many people think that Emma Stone never used social networks, but actually deleted his page on Twitter after being hacked. In addition, the actress admitted she simply wasn’t prepared for the fact that people comment on his appearance and lifestyle.

Keira Knightley also deleted the Twitter account, because he decided that this way does not differ with their fans and feel normal again.

More than a year ago that Ryan Gosling does not show activity on Twitter. Apparently, the actor is also disappointed of the social networks and it is unlikely to appear there.

Celebrities that use fake accounts on the social networks

Jennifer Lawrence has repeatedly stated he would not join social networks because of the harsh criticism about his personality. But recently he admitted that he created the accounts under a false name. Perhaps someone can discover it?

Adele is managing actively a account in Instagram, but its public relations manager has forbidden the girl to talk about on Twitter because of the temperament, combative, and passionate singer. Then he opened an account secret, where he decided to express freely their opinion. She recounted the fact in an interview.

As is known, the members of the royal family do not use social networks, but during the beginning of the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, leaked information that the prince had an account secret in Instagram to communicate with his future wife, and follow his new photos. What a romantic!

Bonus: Demi Moore opened a page of Instagram for the royal wedding

Demi Moore has long been an opponent of social networks, but the wedding of princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank was so impressed by the actress who sacrificed her principles.

The celebrity posted a video where he boasted of a lovely dress color wine and thanked for being able to feel a part of the royal family. Until the time, Demi Moore has only 4 publications, but it already has more than 80 thousand subscribers.

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