22 Heroes of the kitchen who have prepared a true revelation living

Here, in Great.guru, we love to be creative in the kitchen, but sometimes it is best to follow the recipe closely for best results.

What is supposed to be anyway?

Food black of fashion

How do you say “burned” in Italian?

This man actually cooked a volcano

“They were supposed to make a cake in a cup was a breeze”

When the rice is cooked too much, are the rice cakes

A device for the pasta? It’s almost a solution!

Oh, there was the knife!

I cook, in general, great stuff… This is not one of them!

“I tried to follow a recipe of belgian waffles and the mixture is left on the sides, literally”

“Today we went out to dinner… no prizes for guessing correctly why”

Never. Forget. The cap.

“My kitchen smells like a crematorium chicken”

The great overflow of marshmallows

“I’m starting to remember why I have not used this useful mold pancakes in 5 years”

Balls of dough, not too cooked but exaggerated

“My brother holding a log of Christmas (in reality, they are nachos burning). That was fun”

Never had a chance

Drama of cinnamon roll

“My poor omelette of potatoes, and I cried tears of truth! I was so hungry!”

Gives a new meaning to the term “Milky Way”

“Oh, not today love, please! Not today”

How many of these images have really inspired you to visit your favourite restaurant instead of struggling in the kitchen by yourself? Make sure you share your opinions with us, and perhaps even to your own failures in the comments section below.

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