22 Images that illustrate all the drama of the lack of sleep

They say that the final stage of the lack of sleep is when you dream that you are sleeping. But we know with a high degree of certainty that that is not so. The protagonists of the article of today were far beyond and showed graphically all over the Internet-what it really means not getting enough sleep.

Great.guru has compiled for you a series of photos and stories about the harsh reality of a life with this problem.

Good day, master

I would have dreams like this every day

A brief story about how my dad was going to run in the morning

What about you what do you know about the comfort?

Employee of the month

Types of people at 8 to.m.

A very interesting book, for sure. And what is more important, cash

Sounds logical. Why not?

The important thing is to get comfortable. Where, is the least

When “clever” is your second name

Lack of sleep is a common problem for all

With age, everything is put in its place

Surely not even you know

And what is the problem? If it says “high”…

While the chronic lack of sleep end up bringing serious problems

Well, at least he avoided dehydration

“I sent all the children to school, and this is how we see the first few minutes of silence”

What will be answered by the husband?

The difficult years student are made to feel

The sleeping beauty after a long hike

A plot straight out of “Toy Story”

My Totem Animal: the Fatiguita

Do you know that feeling when, by lack of sleep, reality becomes a gently in an illusion and it becomes impossible to tell the time? Share your stories in the comments.

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