22 Moments adorable in which people recreated photos from their childhood

In the NINETEENTH century, people sat around for 30 minutes for them to take a picture, because the exposure time to that needed a camera. Of course, those images were rare and of great value. In the present day we are more fortunate, and not only can we take more number of images each second, but also to recreate the old. It is very funny and gives us the opportunity to relive joyful moments that we remember with fondness.

In Great.guru want to share with you the recreation that made persons of some experiences of ancient times and their comparison with the current images.

1. The age is the only change in this image

2. Two sisters, one love

3. Thirty years of difference

4. “Before and now, 1999 vs. 2018”

5. Even after so many years, Halloween is still very fun

6. The grandmother is always ready to feed us

7. All the sisters in the bath

8. When the school is not great:

9. Many years later, and still makes faces

10. The only thing that changed was the pumpkin

11. It will always be very exciting to receive gifts

12. A ballerina and a Power Ranger

13. “The Father’s Day would not be the same without our annual tradition of remaking this photo of dad and I on his first bike in 1968”

14. The flexibility remains the same

15. “From 4 to 13 years old helping mom make cookies”

16. A younger brother is a small child forever

17. The sisters are a treasure

18. Holding the hand of dad after 32 years

19. “The same costumes, different times”

20. Swinging on swings is something that never goes out of fashion

21. Older, but just as fun

22. Testing our flexibility 20 years after

What image you liked the most? Have you ever recreated a photo of your childhood? Leave your opinions and your own photos in the comments section.

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