22 People who know very well that a little autoironía does no evil to anyone

If you are prone to sarcasm, others may see you as a negative person, quite hard and intolerant. This type of irony often damages relationships with others and leads to conflict. But, at the same time, the people are sarcastic usually comply better with the tasks creative and have a clearer mind. The sense of humor is one of the most attractive features. And nothing compares to the charm of the people that know make fun of themselves. Especially for those who do not fear the autoironía, we have prepared a selection of photos and tweets.

In Great.guru we love the sarcasm and any kind of good mood. That’s why we prepare for you a selection of photos and tweets from teachers of the autoironía. Take the time to rest from work and have a lot of fun.

“I’m tired of being told that I looked like Jared Fogle. I lost 100 pounds to look better. It didn’t work”

Would have to call an ambulance

“When I was younger, I had dreams of becoming a gangster rapper crabby. But the life changes”

An awkward moment when they said “dress like a domino” and had the idea of being a pizza

When your friend is extroverted invites you to a party and not know anyone

“I was told that my hotel room would have a view of the courtyard. Surely I will want to see you again”

There are days when you are, so to speak, in a bad mood

While someone is having a great

“I hope the players of both teams to have fun”.

“Finally, I can see how you see clothes on me”

Even a fracture does not make you forget your own style

It is okay when you know when you have to stop

“I reached for a cup of coffee a day.”

And you’re determined to start a diet today

“Salad vegetables crisp.”

“I put a cookie fortune at lunch my wife. She angrily sent me this photo. As if the text of the prediction depended on me and I chose this on purpose!”

“Feeding a cow with roses, not esperares a thank you”.

And sometimes it turns out that your grandfather also has a sense of humor

“I don’t have 60 years. I am 18 and 42 years of experience”.

When you regret having cut your hair

When you are convinced that your dog has the right to professional photos. And a normal clothes

When you don’t have a puppy, but your neighbor does…

And in general, creativity is not foreign to you

Even if you suspect that you will not be Picasso

“The fox tibetan looks like my first attempts drawing animals”

And even your Halloween costume was remembered by all in the school. Because you were “baked potatoes”

But in general, you treat the world with a positive attitude

“If you like the water, consider that you already like 72% of me.”

Are you prone to autoironía? What joke do you like best? We are waiting for your comments.

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