22 Tricks of life of resourceful individuals that seem to be straight out of the future

The laziness and ingenuity, together, are an explosive mixture that catalyzes the creation of the tricks of life more brilliant. The Internet users do not tire of inventing new tricks to make easy the life. For example, are original media for a telephone or a wine, make a mixer out of a drill and flip flops out of plastic bottles. If their inventions are not useful to you in everyday life, at least surely you will raise the mood.

Today, Great.guru has collected 22 photos of tricks of life of people whose ingenuity would be sufficient for the entire planet. At the end you will have a bonus: we’ll show you how to turn off the light without getting up from the bed.

The guy broke the touch screen of your mobile, but their ingenuity helped him

When you don’t have a blender to hand, but you really want to make a cake with cream

A trick of life for electricians daredevils: how to connect the cable to the ground quickly

“I was asked to repair this lock, and what I did”

Isn’t there any candles for a birthday cake? Nothing happens, your smart phone will help you

To heat all the hot dogs in the microwave at the same time, use toothpicks and a little imagination

Make flip flops out of plastic bottles… Is this legal?

If your girlfriend prefers chicken nuggets, sweets, then you now know how to win your heart

A guy came to a club with a cute parrot. Surely this genius has never had much success with the girls

It turns out that a box of candy doesn’t sink in the tub

How to effectively combat plagiarism

If you really want to warm thyself in front of the fireplace

In place of a support to the mobile phone, you can use a box of dental floss

Do you turn on the light that says “check engine” on the dashboard of your car? No problem, just cover

Do you feel alone? Watch a horror movie

A little trick that will help you survive an encounter with a polar bear

“There’s a polar bear in the area. Be careful when you’re on the outside. Salt to the street with a co-worker (slower than you).”

Any public bathroom will become your personal bathroom if you hang up a sign “out of service”

You can take your favorite video game to not get bored on public transport. At the same time, it is worth to carry a big screen

No one says that your cat is not good for anything

By the way, dogs are just as useful for cats

Use a wooden spoon to the boiling water does not overflow is already in the last century. A trick of life of the future: putting a tray of mesh

Now you know how to replace the rear-view mirror broken off of a car

Bonus: how to turn off the light, if you have already lying and do not want to get up

Do you know some tricks of life like? Tell us to add it to our collection.

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