23 Cases in which adults were better than children’s coloring books

The coloring books are really amazing to teach children to use the colors and to train your imagination and their motor skills.

It happens, however, that these books not only stimulate the imagination of children but also of adults. Just look at these 23 images that we collected in Great.guru for you to demonstrate that adults can take the coloring books to another level.

This adult was obviously tormented by an ice cream when I was young

Apparently, the minions can also be bad

When Joy becomes Cersei Lannister! You’ve never been so happy

Ariel is a rebel

The sleeping beauty of the house of El on Krypton

What an addition such a happy band!

That is a little disturbing…

Marvel got the meeting Joker/Harley Quinn but something went wrong

Go ahead, little witch!

The hairstyle of the Joker

She should do very well…

Finally, it’s time for the dance!

Snow white, disguised as Dracula, obviously

It’s always what I suspected Gaston!

Dora, the escape artist

Saw 6, version for children

Stephen King got hand here

The unknown part of the life of a dragon

The force always be with you

Now that I think about it, a little skin would have bad

Oh, what sad, man!

Winnie: previous years

Taken by surprise

So now you know that not only children will be happy to get a coloring book! If you can think of other examples of adults who are having fun with the drawing, be sure to share them with us in the comments.

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