23 Cases in which the logic of some people needed repairs very serious

Not all people in this world think, feel and behave the same. This is why you should not be surprised if what seems normal to one person triggers emotions totally different in another.

Great.guru found 25 cases of application of the logic out of the ordinary that only the one who thinks in a similar way you could understand.

“The hospital has painted walls. Hungry children, who came in fasting for some tests, ask: ’Mom, why the sandwich is flying?’”

It turns out that the millionaires also eat at fast-food restaurants

Chairs for the “jury” of the bathroom. If the rolling 180 degrees, you can do auditions are “blind”

Onion rings the same at different prices

It is a detail, but a detail very nice

In this shop know how to properly prepare for school

“This restaurant serves salsa in salt shakers and is terrible”

This spoon is made upside down

“A disappointment in the wedding of my friends: it is not a burrito!”

What this you say fruit salad?

“At the gas station installed terminals to charge mobile. What will be aware that in 2 weeks it is New Year?”

“I bought the mica of the wrong size just because it cost less”

What could go wrong here, right?

“According to my calendar, today does not exist”

“They sent Me the dumbbells in the same box that the toothpaste, and this is how it looks”

“Something is not right here, we don’t know why”

Someone thought that a glass door in the bathroom was a good solution

“If 5 cents can save the life of a child, why I have sent you to me?”

A vending machine with water and placed at the side of a few sources from which you can drink for free

They are making fun of us!

“It’s all I have managed to see the concert from my seat for the disabled. Do to this I traveled 7 hours?”

“Last night we installed a new door in the house… confused Me a bit”

The most correct solution

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