23 Pictures that prove that life can be as cruel as a bad joke in a bad movie

Sometimes it seems that life is cruel and everything is against us. The main thing is to not let it get you down and try to humor the situation, as did the people of our article.

There are days that things don’t work out and everything goes contrary to the plan. And then we began to think that life is unfair with us. But many ridiculous situations can be turned into a joke.

Great.guru wants to share these photos with you to check that.

1. Attack of mosquitoes

2. “So I woke up at 7 in the morning, with the stroke of a car that collided with my house about 152 inches of where I sleep”

3. This cat does not seem happy to use that t-shirt

Well, also left for the cat.

4. Dad is ready to do anything for your child

Dad: what do you want for this Child’s Day?

Son: I want a car with a remote control.

Dad: do not say more. It is all yours!

5. A little smaller than I expected

6. Photos that I take to my boyfriend in comparison with those which he takes me to me

7. Here, it takes. Your trip will be boring without a phone

8. When you try to use the subtitles in Spanish

9. Here the glue can be useful

10. Sometimes divorce becomes a celebration

Newly divorced.

11. It’s like a bad joke. Or was it just trim?

12. Hiding from my problems

13. “Today I went in my car and the car thought it was another person”

14. The wind decided that it was not necessary to wear a hat

15. When the bridge was lower than it seemed

16. I came to cheer on the team, but I sprayed soda on the face

17. Life is so cruel that this robot decided to drown

18. At least this remote control works for something

How a control for the bath?

Oh! Controls the bidet.

19. There is a technical problem in the Matrix

20. Not today, little bird

21. An ordinary fear of the escalators became a reality

22. Oh no, it had to be the most delightful

23. The teddy bear long legs

Teddy giant with legs of 198 centimeters.

The legs are horrible.

To what all of these situations would you like to escape? Do you live in any of them? Please share your experiences with us in the comments!

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