23 Photos that will confuse your logic completely

In many occasions, we come across a lot of ridiculous things in our daily life. To some, this causes them discomfort, while others prefer not to pay attention to “such nonsense”. We prefer to laugh at that.

Great.guru presents you a selection of fun photos again to convince us that not all the world is governed by logic.

“I went to take the trash out and saw this…”

“My favorite phrase from the book of japanese”

“I’m tired, cárgame!”

The current fashion


A great solution

“The administration decided to change into our home mailboxes. The problem is that there are 6 departments and only 5 mailboxes. The great solution was not made to wait. And yes… I live in number 6”.

Now yes, that is for sure

When you’re not very good guard

The “Likes” are a serious business

The surveillance camera with cooling aqua

Steps… for what?

The protection level 80

Welcome to the… wall

Creativity infinite

Oh, and also, fasten your belt

So rare that neither are

Why build a bank if you can build a chair?

“The neighbors decided to decorate the reception.”

I did not know that the kittens are also fighting for their rights

Excellent idea for a horror movie

Shampoo hijab, you may not remove the dandruff, but it will ensure that no one will see it

A “black Friday” really black

Their patients are cured without even entering your office

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