23 Ideas for customices your shoes and make them unique

Today, it is quite easy to match in style or clothes with several people. For this reason, the different, and the craftsman becomes very important, and is why they are unique designs with rarely coincidirás with someone to take you exactly as you are. Now that the shoes are more fashionable than ever, takes advantage of it to customizarte a couple and diferénciate of the rest.

In Great.guru we have created for you, a photo gallery of shoes, hand-painted with unique designs, for you to see some ideas that you can make in your home.

1. Design old school

2. Mermaid

3. Mandala

4. Watermelon

5. Tribal design

6. Tetris

7. Paris

8. Sponge Bob

9. Mafalda

10. Starry night

11. Flowers

12. Music

13. Kandinsky

14. Imitation shoe

15. Couple

16. Adventure time

17. Fish

18. Frida Kahlo

19. Super Mario

20. Alice in the country of the wonders

21. Adventure time

22. Hello Kitty

23. Unicorns

Bonus: tips for customizing your shoes

The steps that you must follow to ensure that your shoes are perfect are:

  • Before painting, make sure your shoes are clean and dry.
  • Remove the laces and put tape on the soles to not mancharlas.
  • Use markers, textiles, or paint permanent so that the drawings fit well on the fabric.
  • Left to dry in the shoe.
  • Apply a sealant or fixative of fabric so that your design is more durable and not clear.

If you want to give an original touch, you change the laces for more colorful, use glitter, or sew beads or beading. Your running shoes will have a unique design and original.

And you, what idea would you choose?

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