23 People whose genius has crossed the boundaries of what is permitted

People can invent all kinds of solutions to make your life more comfortable and interesting. To create a trick great, most of the times we only need a few tools, improvised and ingenuity, things that the protagonists of our article have in abundance.

Great.guru has collected for you the works of 23 geniuses who know how to facilitate their lives.

“He created his own bowling in the backyard”

Forks common to cool the notebook

If you put this in your chair, no one will take your place

To reserve chairs.

Just put it on your seat and wait for your return.

“I made a new stand for knives”

When you say that it is unlikely to buy you a skateboard

“Did a flower pot with his old shoe”

“I use a hair dryer when I need to melt cheese and the dish is not hot enough for that”

“My husband put together a stand for the phone with… a pope”

“I broke the screen of the phone. Use a mouse to operate it”

Restoration home headphones

When you don’t have a pillow for travel, you must use your wits

“My mom wears diapers to pack bottles and thus be able to carry them”

How to make a pillowcase fun

What is your electric vacuum does not clean well the carpet? Put the dumbbells and the cleaning will be more efficient

“I asked my father a cordless drill”

When the owner of your house does not like dogs

“To find the right glasses for me, my dad printed a picture and went with it to the optical”

Responsible for the food at this party is a genius

“I set this level to drill to easily place it perpendicular to the surface”

To clean the headlamps is just as important as the glass

“Just settled the tv and change the position of the camera in FIFA to make football table”

“I use this photo frame because it broke the mechanism that supports the lid of my notebook”

How to ensure that the child will not be distracted

Have you ever invented something as simple and great as the things of this article?

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