24 Things that look like a lie sophisticated, but are quite real

Many people once in a while they come up with strange things, but only the bravest make them a reality and sell for a pretty penny.

Great.guru discovered some goods that just raising two questions: “how?“ and ”why?". And then make you think that it would not be a bad idea to get it.

Spoon selfie

Spray to protect themselves from the vampires energy

They say that this elixir will remove the bad vibe and protect your aura.

Socks honest

A mat sexist

And another that hates people

Meat unicorn canned

"Magic in every piece". What do you think?


For just 9 dollars. I want two empty ones, please!

A piece of furniture too soft

Toilet paper that glows in the dark

The manufacturers claim that this paper saves the energy: you do not need to turn on the light in the bathroom. Maybe they are right.

Fat artificial human

Basketball to the nose

Lip balm with the aroma of bacon

Bag "belly beer"

Dispenser for the shower

"The war of the galaxies" by hand

Leggings pretty nude

A can of tarantulas dry edible

"My husband loves it" and 125 positive comments on Amazon, if you wondered who cares.

Stickers for office employees tired

Hat for the ears

For the friendly people

Forks in the form of seeds germinated

Shirt with print emoji "poop"

Just a few gloves cute with hair

Warm and impressive.

A piggy bank horrible

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