24 Errors in popular movies of the last few years that surely you have not noticed

Each year, the film industry pleasing to millions of people by launching new projects of various genres. There is a great competition in the field, especially because the top ten grossing films of the year are made only to 4 film companies. And this does not always benefit the producers and directors, since in this endless race sometimes overlooked many details in the recordings of the tapes, which end up becoming mistakes.

Great.guru gathered for you the more inconsistencies puzzling found in movies of the past few years, which probably don’t notice.

A place in silence, 2018

  • We are shown a field of corn with the inscription “Day 472”. But this is an annual crop, which means that might not be on the farm. Unless, of course, Abbott would not have imported all the laws of the film on the danger of the noise, and they had hired agricultural equipment to plant their delicacy favorite.
  • When Regan arrives to the tomb of his younger brother, is seen the inscription “2016-2020”. Therefore, the shop that visited the Abbott was selling expired medications: Beau, the youngest son of Lee and Evelyn Abbott died on day 89 of the alien attack in 2020. On that same day, the characters went to the store and bought pads that were due in 2018.
  • We also wonder why Abbott chose to live in an abandoned farm, a place where there are many sources of potentially dangerous loud sounds. In addition, they could have been installed near a waterfall, where the sound of the water would absorb the greater part of other noises.
  • When the children escape from the terrible creatures in the barn, one of them breaks easily, the wall of the metal silo. But, apparently, the mind alien does not have enough strength to cope with the roof of a parked truck.

Tomb Raider: adventures of Lara Croft, 2018

  • The passport of the father of Lara Croft says that Alexander Ivanov (Richard Croft) was born in St. Petersburg, USSR, in 1969. But in the period of 1924 to 1991 the city was called Leningrad.

Jumanji: in the jungle, 2017

  • The members of the filming crew can be seen in scenes at least twice.
  • When one of the main characters is confronted by a man on the threshold of a house, in the general plane, this latter has a great scarf orange, which was not dressed before.
  • We can observe the same situation in a scene, with the driver, Nigel.
  • The consoles with cartridges have no load indicator.

Arrival, 2016

  • When the protagonists speak with a person from Australia in the mobile command, we show two different subjects in the second and first plane.
  • On tv, the news show a report on North Dakota in which the reporter says that nearly killed 144 people there. But in the credits of the documentary you see the news about the 144 dead.

Black Panther, 2018

  • All wacadianos were presented with traditional costumes in the mourning ritual. But in one of the scenes you see the legs of a man wearing jeans and common shoes of leather.
  • Before the interrogation, T Challa puts a microphone to the agent Ross. In the following minutes, the device appears and disappears.
  • In the scene after the credits, when T Challa is directed to the Council of the UN, in the meeting room are placed in a circle of flags of states that are members of the organization. But there comes the emblem of Wales, a nation that is not part of the UN.

Baby: the apprentice of crime, 2017

  • The film shows several scenes in which the passengers of the car disappear and then appear mysteriously.
  • In retrospect, we are shown a scene in which the parents give him the main character in an iPod model produced in 2002. However, these headphones were manufactured newly in the 2012.

Jurassic World: the kingdom fallen, 2018

  • According to the argument of the film, Benjamin Lockwood, an old ally of John Hammond, you fight with your friend because this last cloned his daughter. In this way, Hammond had a granddaughter, Maisie 10 years. However, according to the tapes earlier, we know that John died in 1997. The plot of the fictional “Jurassic World: the kingdom fallen” takes place in our days and, therefore, the granddaughter of Hammond should have at least 20 years, although in the film it shows a girl.

Deadpool 2, 2017

  • In a first plane, we show how Deadpool mark the most important goals of your plan with a red pen several times, and after a few seconds, to change the scene, we can see the plan without any mark on it.

Spider-Man: back home, 2017

  • At the beginning of the film we are shown Peter Parker, who filmed what is happening with your mobile phone. And when spider-man supposedly directs the camera of his phone to a man asleep with glasses, you can see the cameraman in the reflection of these.
  • In the poster of the school, we see that the competition of the decathlon at the participation of the most capable students of the class of Peter Parker, will be held from 13 to 15 October. But in the room of the main character, the date on the poster is completely different: September 14.
  • In one scene, under a shirt of Peter, we only see a t-shirt, and after a few seconds, you also see the costume of Spider-Man.
  • In the tournament decathlon, we see Eugene, a classmate of Peter, wearing a yellow jacket. Although previously we showed you how we launched this pledge to Peter in the parking lot of the school near the bus. It is worth noting that during the championship, Spider-Man was imprisoned in a warehouse… using this same jacket.

The Land, 2016

  • When Sebastian Wilder has a discussion, the clock behind him shows 11:10. After a few seconds, this mark 09:50.
  • When I dumped coffee Mia Dolan, it is clear that the drink stain on the left side of the shirt. But in another scene, the dirt moves to the right, and drops in the area of the abdomen disappear.

Bonus: when you’re filming with a friend as an extra

  • In a scene from the movie “The secret of the abyss”, 1989, you can see a young man playing a joke on another in the bottom left corner.

In fact, there are many more errors in these films, but we have chosen for you the most interesting and least obvious. Therefore, here is a question for the attentive: what other inconsistencies did you find in the tapes presented above?

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