24 Photographs that melt even the coldest heart

In the world are going through horrible things that make us difficult to perceive the facts kind and cute with the ability to compensate for global injustice, even a little bit. But such events happen in our life: for example, the first encounter of a grandfather of 94 years with his great-great-grandson of two months, or a girl who has just learned that he has beaten cancer. Today we present you pictures that were able to capture such moments will make your heart thaw a little and will give you a good mood.

Great.guru brought together 24 photographs that it is not possible to look at without getting emotional. Let them make your day even a little bit better. I have a good week!

“My grandfather, 94-year-old had a meeting with his great-great-grandson of two months”

Together forever: sculpture in the cemetery of Florence

These are not lovebirds, it is a brother and his sister, who died during the Second World War with a difference of 11 months. When the confrontation ended, his mother commissioned these statues in honor of their children.

This mom Corgi sees his children while they sleep

This small and was moved to tears to see how his mom was heading to the altar to marry his dad

Small hedgehogs with their mother

Almost ready to fly!

The same shirt, the same bike, the same girl, and the same loving father

“Today, a girl of 3 years tried to pay me their food in the restaurant with the help of a credit card of Barbie. I did a ‘bill’, as if I had accepted his payment, and she left me as a tip $ 3”

A single parent, Corgi breeding two ducks

A throne is super comfortable for the kitten

“My best friend protected me 3-coyotes”

“My 4 year old daughter has just finished her last chemotherapy. She beat the cancer!”

“Today, I picked up this baby from the shelter”

“My grandmother died when I was 4 years old, but before his death managed to write a message for my graduation and left me a gift. Today I opened it, after 14 years”

“My dog won’t let me take the ball of your puppy, which died a few days ago”

“My mother-in-law did to my baby a costume like that of my grandfather”

Cats are the best friends of the children

This man saved her from dying frozen to these storks: he took her home to wait warmly to the passage of the frost

The eyes of your pet when you want something that you have

“Today, my grandmother turned 101 years”

“My cat eats and sleeps, and that is as it hugs her legs”

“Today, my four-legged friend finally defeated by cancer”

“My name is Jack. I have 16 months. During the past 8 weeks I was diagnosed with cancer, and the tumor spread to my ear; I had surgery for 6 hours and I was in the hospital for 5 days. After I underwent 20 sessions of chemotherapy and traveled 3605 miles up in the center of the country to fight and go home, but it was worth it, because today I went through the last treatment and officially conquered the disease.”

A police officer arrived to take care of a small patient

“My lovable dog of 15 years. After a hair cut, she looks completely like a puppy”

What of the pictures you moved more?

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